An Answer to the Question: Can I join the Air Force if I have defaulted on a loan?

I was looking through some old posts and found this question. I thought it was a good one so I wanted to post an answer here. The question comes from ‘Alberto’:

Unfortunately while I traveled the states to find out what I wanted to do I went to a college where I ended up Defaulting on the loan. Since I was in High School I really wanted to join the AF, I was in the AF ROTC program all my 4 years but my mom played really good “cards” and convinced me to stay and try college, that hasn’t worked I’m turning 25 next month and after a year of contemplating the decision I have finally made one to join the Air Force as I initially wanted to. I have spoken to a recruiter over the phone and has advised me of my requirements, I have 35 lbs I need to loose to meet my weight req. which is the least of my worries (already lost 5). Now I have been reading online and on the AF website for the past few weeks and each day I get even more excited about joining and finally being part of something I really want to do, something that I know can shape me into a better individual while serving my country and representing our Great Flag. Unfortunately while I was venturing a bout I made wrong decisions, mainly financially. I am divorced and have bad credit, not entirely my doing though, i lent my credit to my sister for a car and it got repossessed ……………how much will this affect me enlisting in AF? If i score exceptionally high on my ASVAB, will that better my chances? Should i get a ch 7 or consolidate my debt? will that help me enlist at all?I really want to join and I would hate for there be nothing I can do to make this dream of being in the AF a reality…. I have a 2.9 GPA and gained 30 college credit hrs if that helps at all………

Answer: If you still owe the money, the AF will want to see that you are taking care of the debt. If they took the car and you no longer owe any money it will be less of an issue. You will probably have to write a letter and/or apply for a waiver showing that you are not under collections/or have made arrangements with the creditor to pay the debt.Your best bet is to talk with a recruiter about it. Call them and tell them you situation. Since you have to loose some weight, you have some time to do what is required fix the debt situation.


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