Answer to the question: Can Women Alone be safe to visit IRAN?

Here a good question I found in the comments section of a previous post. ‘Etown g’ asks us the question:

I am going on vacation in a couple of months and was thinking about traveling to Iran for a visit. BUT, I would like to know since I am a woman, would I be allow to travel there alone and would it be safe if I did. Would I have to wear any kind of covering (hijab) of any sort? If possible could someone list a website that would tell about IRAN’s Vistor Laws or whatever. Thanks

Answer: Yes, of course.About wearning, you should cover your hair by headscarf and wear a dress that covering your body.Don’t worry about it. Even you can come here and buy them at the Airport shopes, but they will sell you them costly Some useful links:’s banks don’t support some American credit cards, “Mastercard” & “Visa” are accepted, so it’s better you carry enough money, US dollar or other currencies. You can exchanged it in banks.About Iran: & Answers:****If you can spend enough time, don’t lose visiting “Shiraz” (Fars state), “Esfehan”, “Tehran”, etc.Iran has a variety of weathers. While the weather in the South of Iran is hot, some other cities in the North-West like “Ardebil” has very good weather.Also, the weather in the North of Tehran is different with the South of this city.While some people are doing summer sports in the South of Iran, some others are doing winter sports in the North of Tehran and in the North of country. Especiall in spring the weather in Iran is wonderful.In Iran you can see different cultures, different traditions, different foods and different places, including ancient cities in “Shiraz”, “Kermanshah”, “Esfehan”, etc.Takht e Jamshid or Persepolic (Shiraz), Pasargad (Shiraz),Hafezyeh (Shiraz), Saadyeh (Shiraz), etc.Anahita temple (Kermanshah), Biston (Kermanshah), etc.Naghsh e Jahan (Esfehan), Chehel Sotoon (Esfehan), etc.Religious cities such as “Qom” and “Mashhad”,Traditional houses, nice and interesting old houses that made by Iranian architects in “Kashan” (Esfehan state), “Yazd”, “Tabriz”, etc.Natural malls such as some Northen cites like “Chalus (Mazandaran)”, “Kelar dasht (Mazandaran)”, “Anzali” (Gilan), “Torkman sahra” (Mazandaran), “Masoleh” (Gilan), etc.Come here and enjoy

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