Reader Question – How do I convince my parents to buy me an Instax mini?

Many of you like the questions and answers on this blog. I just found another one from ‘Jasper’ who asks

I was researching about Instax mini 25 for weeks and when i asked my mom to buy me one, she said “No! The picture it prints is too small. What are you gonna do with an image as big as a credit card?”. She doesn’t want a small picture. And every time I ask my dad to buy me one he always says that I should ask my mom first. How do I convince my mom to like small pics and to buy me an Instax? By the way, I have the exact amount to buy the Instax mini 25 but I can’t simply buy it by my own because I need the permission of my parents. They’ll get very very angry at me when I buy it without their permission.I love photos. The first thing I actually really wanted to buy was a DSLR but my dad refused to buy us the camera. And every time I get hold of a digital camera I take a lot of pictures but after hours and hours of taking pictures, I get bored. So this time I want to try an Instax mini 25. I’m not buying this just because I saw it, I did my research very well. I’m also buying this as a birthday gift for me.

Answer: I’m going to side with your mother here (mostly just because of Mother’s Day). There is no reason to get it if you can’t justify a use for it. That Ferrari (or insert any toy or gadget) is amazingly cool. But if there is no function or necessity for it, it becomes a wasteful of your finances. I think that’s why your mother doesn’t want you to get it. I personally have a practical use for my instax and other Polaroid cameras. I am a photographer by advocation – and I primarily take portraits of strangers. I use the instax and Polaroid to break the ice. It also allows me to show and give them a picture at the moment of meeting them. It is also a great party favors at weddings. This is something I would not be able to do as successfully with digital cameras. I got the instax because I needed something smaller to travel with – my Polaroid would break my bag for the distance I needed to travel. I was justified and paid for it my self. closing…What are you going to do with your photos?EDIT:1) It is very good that you did your research; but you don’t say what you are going “to do” with the photos. Loving it isn’t enough. what do you hope to accomplish with the camera? Perhaps one way to think about this, is to look back at the images you made with your digital camera. After you took the photos, what did you do with it? did you dispaly it? Does it show some kind of theme or idea that you are trying to communicate? did you put it up on your facebook or other online image hosting website? Does your images just sit on your hard-drive collecting digital dust? 2) You dont’ need to convince me. Convince your parents!


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