Review: Your Complete Guide to Green Card Lottery (Diversity Visa GreenCard) (Easy Do-It-Yourself Immigration books – GreenCard)

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Your Complete Guide to Green Card Lottery (Diversity Visa) (Easy Do-It-Yourself Immigration books – GreenCard) by Michael Faro and Kevin M. Walton

Easy Do-It-Yourself Guide:

* How to Apply for Visa Lottery for FREE & Legally increase your chances!
* Register for FREE and how to be one of the firsts to check if you’re a winner!
* Legal way to increase your chances.
* Over 2 million applications are disqualified every year; how to avoid getting disqualified
* Why avoid agents in the Green Card Lottery.
* Step by Step instruction from the very beginning to the very end along with snapshot and examples
* Time-saving tips and shortcuts.
* Sample Interview questions and tips
* How to apply for the lottery whether you’re outside of the United States or Inside
* Sample Filled Forms, Applications, Interview Guide, Tips, and Examples.
* Sample Immigration Filled-Forms
* How to apply for work permit, and Social security number once you are a permanent resident.
* Getting Technical: Latest immigration laws, time-saving tips, and legal information related to Diversity Visa Lottery for attorneys and immigration professionals
* and as bonus: How to read Visa Bulletin; a guide that was limited to lawyers only!


I think the best thing about this book is that it’s all you need. it explains how how to register in the lottery and find the lawyer and even after you get the greencard how to apply for work permit and social security and sample of all the forms filled…i think it well worths it

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