What is the value of NorthWest Airline’s WorldPerks frequent flier program?

Since the federal approval in October, 2008 of the merger between Northwest Airlines and Delta, the two airlines have made strong progress in integration. Of particular interest to GetDebit is the fact that their frequent flyer mileage schedules are now identical in terms of miles required to travel to specific regions.

The takeaway from all of this is that the NorthWest Air WorldPerks program has essentially the exact same value as the Delta program—which is $0.0097 per mile. See the GetDebit article “What is the value of Delta SkyMiles points?” for a very detailed explanation on how we arrive at that value.

Not much more needs to be said regarding NorthWest Airline’s Worldperks program, and I reckon that within a few months Northwest will cease to exist as it is digested by Delta.

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