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Citi Forward® for College Students Credit Card Review

The Citi Forward® Card is an excellent card that Citi used to offer to everyone and now is repackaged and reissued for college students as the Citi Forward® for College Students credit card. It’s likely that this will be the first credit card that students will use to begin building their

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Capital One Cash Rewards For Newcomers

Last Reviewed: 6/08/2012

The Capital One Cash Rewards for Newcomers is a rewards credit card designed for those with “average credit”. Per the Capital One definition, average credit includes folks who have experienced one of the following:

  • Been more than 60 days late in paying more than one credit

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What is APR

the truth about APR When looking to apply for a credit card, you will routinely see the term APR. We at GetDebit have a very strong philosophy that APRs should never even matter.

“Why is that?”

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