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Advanced Payment Solutions Ltd (APS) is a leading international prepaid card provider. With over a century’s worth of UK, European and US experience between its core directors, APS has more relevant and proven experience in its team than any other UK prepaid payment card company. Besides superior industry experience, APS claims to provide World Class e-money solutions for both personal consumers and companies alike. As a premier technological innovator in Europe, APS partners with both Visa and MasterCard to give customers a superior card payments solution reaching farther than the standard card provider. With a variety of payment products and services, APS enables there client base to get paid by the consumer and also efficiently pay their vendors.

APS Product Opportunities

Whether APS cardholders are shopping online, in retail shops or withdrawing funds at an ATM, they can rest assured that the prepaid card product will take care of all of their needs. MasterCard has been a key player in APS product offerings. Not only do consumers benefit transactionally from the international recognition of MasterCard, but the can also enjoy the payment portals of the Maestro(R) and Cirrus(R) brands. Here are different examples of how APS assists the consumer – debt management, currency conversion, online wagering, repairing credit and shopping with online merchants. APS is no stranger to the business world either. Expense management, payroll processing and providing general business accounts across several industry segments has been a specialty of APS with more than 2,500 businesses around the world. Using the Cashplus card, carrying cash and writing paper checks become a thing of the past. An online bill pay platform can be set up to accommodate over 1800 pre-set payments or just one-at-a-time if need be.

APS Partnership Capabilities

For potential partners seeking the best people, tech and service portal to work with, APS has it all including a very robust and functional international payment solutions platform. APS’s quality customer-service driven program is derived from a cache of existing program developments and experienced leadership. APS employs the following list of core values when conducting business with partners – transparency, accountability, respect, credibility, trust and approachability. Success is no stranger to APS as they have won more awards than any other prepaid issuer in Europe. Other interesting achievements are – over 2500 successful business payment solutions programs, over half a million cards issued, over 500,000 pounds of payments processed and dozens of partnerships with top shelf corporations around the world.

About Advanced Payment Solutions
Stock Symbol: Foreign Owned
Corporate Headquarters: United Kingdom of Great Britain
Address: 10 East Cheap Level 4, London England EC3M 1AJ

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Advanced Payment Solutions Corporate Overview
Advanced Payment Solutions WebsiteAPS is a leading prepaid card issuer. Our flagship product, the award winning cashplus Gold prepaid MasterCard is the U.K.’s first general purpose MasterCard. Cards are issued by APS Financial (AFL), a subsidiary of APS and the first e-money issuer to become a direct member of MasterCard, representing a unique solution to leverage for clients.
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