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Background on Fishback Financial

Fishback Financial Solutions is a subsidiary of Fishback Financial Corporation (FFC) – one of the largest private South Dakota financial holding companies with five alternative bank locations and over $1.5 billion in held assets. The Fishback family has been a fixture in South Dakota for over one hundred years proving entrepreneurship and risk management go hand in hand. In 1880, Horace Fishback Sr. opened the first banking operation in Brookings, South Dakota in the back of a general store. Now, Fishback boasts of being one of South Dakota’s largest institutions. In November of 1925, Security National Bank, now known as First Bank & Trust, opened in an era approaching the Great Depression. The Fishback’s, through determination, innovation and exceptional customer service persevered through good and bad economic climates always empowering independent decision-making by local bank branches to serve their unique client needs. Horace’s grandsons Bob and Van Fishback continue to serve their communities with the same philosophy employed by their grandfather, and still avoid the plethora of acquisitions and mergers that have overwhelmed the banking industry. Fishback has twelve First Bank & Trust locations throughout South Dakota and one in Pipestone, Minnesota. The South Dakota branches are Brookings, Canton, Madison, Sioux Falls, Garretson, White, Vermillion, Watertown, Toronto, Stockholm and Millbank.

Fishback First Bank & Trust Financial Products

Although not the corporate behemoth banking found in many places throughout the U.S., Fishback offers a full range of financial tools and products for their customers including – Personal Banking, Business Banking, Agricultural Banking, Wealth Management, Mortgages, Insurance, Fleet Transportation Financing and Credit/Stored Value cards. For over twenty years, Fishback has been involved in the transaction payments industry and has a wide array of products available in the credit and debit categories. Custom-tailored solutions can be implemented for Fishback clients with services offered such as – Credit Cards, Payroll Cards, Gift Cards, Flexible Spending Account Cards, Stored Value (reloadable) cards and other types of loan products as well. Various rewards and club offerings also are available through First Bank & Trust.

Fishback Benefits

If you ask any employee or read any Fishback literature, you will notice a distinct dedication to community, customer and employee alike.

About Fishback Financial Solutions
Stock Symbol: N/A
Corporate Headquarters: South Dakota (USA)
Address: 2300 W 57th Street, Sioux Falls South Dakota 57108

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Fishback Financial Solutions Corporate Overview
Fishback Financial Solutions WebsiteWith over 20 years of experience in the payments industry, Fishback Financial Services (FFS) is the team you can trust. Our highly professional development and implementation experts are on the leading edge of turnkey financial products and solutions-including credit and debit card experience.
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