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NetSpend’s History

NetSpend was started out of an apartment in 1998 primarily by two brothers who had immigrated to the U.S. in the 80’s. Bertrand and Roy Sosa were inspired by the lack of financial tools available to many people in the markets without traditional bank relationships, established credit or challenged credit histories. With an initial investment of less than $1000, the Sosa brothers endeavored to bring the unbanked and underbanked populations all of the safety, flexibility and usability associated with credit and debit cardholders. As the underbanked consumer market approaches 100 million, NetSpend continues to be a leader and innovator in the prepaid debit card arena with over 7 million customers since their inception.

NetSpend’s Product Line

A solid and ever expanding distribution network of over 100,000 locales has enabled customers to not only buy prepaid product, but load or reload cash on previously purchased cards. The enormous distribution channel consists of neighborhood convenience outlets, check cashing venues and various retail merchants across the country. As a continuous innovator in the prepaid markets, NetSpend products help non-banked consumers pay bills online, purchase with plastic from retail merchants, buy from online stores and manage their finances electronically without having to visit a brick-and-mortar institution or possess a paper checking account. MasterCard and Visa both offer network-branding to various prepaid cards included in the NetSpend product cache. Other client relationships include corporations wishing to eliminate wasteful paper transactions and move to a paperless system benefiting employees and payroll departments. Skylight Payroll Cards are also marketed through Visa and MasterCard along with an online portal for company workers to access W-2 and pay period statements.

Advantages of NetSpend Products

Besides being one of the industry leaders in innovation, NetSpend has been solid in terms of sheer size and stability. NetSpend’s prepaid tools include a vast array of features and benefits that have helped shape the market landscape. Some of the notable product elements include – online account management capabilities, FDIC insurance, potentially lower-cost alternative to check-cashing centers or banks, customer support services, free direct deposit, no fear of carrying cash, world-wide acceptance of Visa/Mastercard and no driving to the bank and standing in line. NetSpend prepaid cards also come with technological benefits like Anytime Alerts to cell phones through iPhone and Android apps. Other spiffs might include the ability to customize a prepaid card, prescription discounts and redeemable payback rewards.

About NetSpend, Corp.
Stock Symbol: NASDAQ: NTSP
Corporate Headquarters: Austin, TX
Address: You can contact Netspend Corporation as follows: By Phone: 1-86-NETSPEND By Email: [email protected] By Mail: NetSpend Corporation PO Box 2136 Austin, TX 78768-2136

NetSpend, Corp. Debit Cards

Pink ACE Elite Visa Prepaid Card Pink ACE Elite Visa Prepaid Card

The ACE Express Elite “Pay As You Go” plan prepaid Visa Debit card is offered jointly with NetSpend Corporation, an innovator in the prepaid card space. The ACE Elite Pink Visa has excellent features and benefits along with a benevolent offering. ACE has joined the fight to “Swipe Out” breast cancer. With every swipe of the Pink ACE Elite Visa prepaid debit card, a portion of the proceeds are donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. So, not only do you get some of the great benefits offered by ACE Elite Visa, including – faster payment when using direct deposit, a no fee $10 purchase cushion, money sharing via card to card transfers, text alerts, FDIC protection and a rewards program, but you are also helping to fight this dreaded disease with every purchase.
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NetSpend Fee Advantage MasterCard NetSpend MasterCard Prepaid Card (Fee Advantage Version)

When you are looking for a financially sound, flexible and fast growing prepaid debit card provider, then take a gander at the NetSpend prepaid family of cards. The NetSpend Prepaid Master Card FEE Advantage option gives plastic card customers the benefits of high volume purchase transactions at one low, monthly fee without requiring direct deposit. If you are a low volume transactor, then the “Pay as You Go” plan is more than likely the method you would prefer. “Premier Fee Advantage” also gives consumers a high level of purchase volume with an even lower monthly fee when they sign up for direct deposit.
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NetSpend Fee Advantage Visa Card NetSpend Prepaid Visa Debit Card (Fee Advantage Version)

NetSpend continues to lead the pack in innovation and service throughout the prepaid industry. It will come as no surprise that the Fee Advantage version of the prepaid NetSpend Visa is a top notch financial tool. You can select a prepaid NetSpend Visa card in 3 different plan options: the Premier FEE Advantage, Pay as You go, or “FEE Advantage” plan (for those choosing not to use direct deposit). Millions of consumers around the globe have chosen the NetSpend Visa, maybe you should give it a look.
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ACE Elite Visa Prepaid Card (Annual)

The ACE Express people have teamed up with NetSpend to offer you the ACE Elite FEE Advantage Visa prepaid debit card. The prepaid ACE Elite Fee Advantage Visa has several options including an ANNUAL plan that includes fantastic features for cardholder who make a lot of purchase transactions. ACE Express offers their Prepaid Visa cards in two basic plans, the Pay as You Go and Fee Advantage plans.
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NetSpend Premier Fee Advantage Visa NetSpend Prepaid Visa Debit Card (Premier Fee Advantage Version – with Direct Deposit)

The NetSpend Visa prepaid debit card is offered by none other than NetSpend, one of the leading financial players in the prepaid arena. The NetSpend Prepaid Visa Premier Fee Advantage is a robust prepaid financial tool geared toward customers that get a lot of use out of their prepaid card. The NetSpend prepaid product line also comes in a “Pay as You Go” plan and a “Fee Advantage” plan. The Premier plan gives card holders extra benefits when using direct deposit.
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NetSpend Pay As You Go MasterCard NetSpend MasterCard Prepaid Card (Pay As You Go Version)

Millions of prepaid debit customers prefer NetSpend financial tools given the company’s size, product flexibility and security. The “Pay as You Go” NetSpend Prepaid MasterCard is a superior product for prepaid card holders that tend to only use it occasionally. Besides the Pay As You Go plan, NetSpend also provides the “Fee Advantage” plan, and the “Premier Fee Advantage” plan (direct deposit only) for those customers that have a desire to transact more frequently.
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