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Meta Financial Group History

Meta Payment Systems is a subsidiary of Meta Financial Group and MetaBank. MPS partners with leading companies to deliver innovative financial products that improve the lives of consumers. They provide proprietary management tools, practical training and unequalled marketing support. MPS roots date back to 1954 in Storm Lake, IA. A gentleman named Stanley Haahr formed the Storm Lake Savings and Loan Association with only $10,000 and a few friends and investors. with a mindset of good customer service, fair treatment of employees, thrifty spending practices and people owning homes, Mr. Haahr grew the meager $10,000 into over $1,000,000,000 in assets today. Through the decades, several mergers and acquisitions were made in Iowa along with a few name changes. In 1993, Meta started trading on the NASDAQ Global Market under the ticker, CASH. In 2004, a significant development in the electronic payment system known as Meta Payment Systems was established across four distinct product lines – credit cards, prepaid cards, ATM’s and Automated Clearing House (ACH) functions. In 2005, all past names and corporate divisions were incorporated into one name, “MetaBank”. Growth ensued and MetaBank evolved into one of the dominant non-traditional bank players in the prepaid product realm. By 2011, MetaBank net income rose to over four and a half billion dollars – great considering the recent economic climate and that MetaBank still has significant retail banking operations.

Meta Payment Systems Noteworthy Facts

MPS was first established in Sioux Falls under the flagship MetaBank in Storm Lake in 2004, and by 2005 became a premier financial competitor in the prepaid markets. In 2006, MPS established some significant software patents that led to over five hundred banks and thirty-six hundred branches selling MPS prepaid gift card products. Growth in 2007 exploded into over 1100 prepaid platforms and almost 36 million issued prepaid debit cards. Record growth continues through 2008, 2009 and 2010 with MetaBank receiving high honors and increased revenues in excess of $106 million. 2010 also marked the 2 billionth ACH transaction through MPS.

The Vision of Meta

Mission Statement:

  • Promote financial inclusion for everyone


  • Drive Innovation
  • Embrace Change
  • Exhibit Integrity
  • Exhibit Trust
  • Show Respect
  • Be Fair
  • Help Others Succeed

About Meta Payment Systems
Stock Symbol: NGM: CASH (Nasdaq Global Markets)
Corporate Headquarters: Storm Lake, Iowa, United States of America
Address: 121 East Fifth Street or P.O. Box 1307, Storm Lake, Iowa 50588, Telephone: 712.732.4117, Email: [email protected]

Meta Payment Systems Debit Cards

BuyRight.Com has come up with a pretty compelling package – a card that let’s you earn tons of reward points (and use them to buy stuff like cell phone minutes, calling cards, etc.). Read More

AccountNow Prepaid MasterCard without Direct Deposit AccountNow Prepaid MasterCard with (No Direct Deposit)

The AccountNow Prepaid MasterCard comes in several options. The option reviewed here is the version which does not require that you use direct deposit. Although we typically recommend using direct deposit (where appropriate), we understand that there are situations where you just want a shopping card or want to use a card for “lighter” use than as your primary banking account. The AccountNow MasterCard without direct deposit may fit your needs. Read More

AccountNow Prepaid MasterCard with (Direct Deposit) AccountNow Prepaid MasterCard with (Direct Deposit)

The AccountNow Prepaid MasterCard can replace any bank account. When you set up Direct Deposit of your pay or benefits check with your AccountNow MasterCard, you enjoy great savings. Check out this feature packed card right now. Read More

READYdebit Prepaid Visa (“Select” Plan)

The ReadyDebit folks have designed a prepaid card program that gives their customers the value of choice. READYDebit Visa cards are offered in three categories – The SELECT plan (this review), the CONTROL plan and the PLATINUM plan. READYDebit is committed to providing their customers superior financial products. Traditional big banking bilks billions every year from their account holders with annoying overdraft and other checking fees. The READYdebit “Select” prepaid Visa debit card can assist you in the elimination of those fees.
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NetSpend Fee Advantage MasterCard NetSpend MasterCard Prepaid Card (Fee Advantage Version)

When you are looking for a financially sound, flexible and fast growing prepaid debit card provider, then take a gander at the NetSpend prepaid family of cards. The NetSpend Prepaid Master Card FEE Advantage option gives plastic card customers the benefits of high volume purchase transactions at one low, monthly fee without requiring direct deposit. If you are a low volume transactor, then the “Pay as You Go” plan is more than likely the method you would prefer. “Premier Fee Advantage” also gives consumers a high level of purchase volume with an even lower monthly fee when they sign up for direct deposit.
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NetSpend Premier Fee Advantage Visa NetSpend Prepaid Visa Debit Card (Premier Fee Advantage Version – with Direct Deposit)

The NetSpend Visa prepaid debit card is offered by none other than NetSpend, one of the leading financial players in the prepaid arena. The NetSpend Prepaid Visa Premier Fee Advantage is a robust prepaid financial tool geared toward customers that get a lot of use out of their prepaid card. The NetSpend prepaid product line also comes in a “Pay as You Go” plan and a “Fee Advantage” plan. The Premier plan gives card holders extra benefits when using direct deposit.
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Corporate Overview
Recent News Items
  • 5 Most Popular Prepaid Debit Card Stories of 2010

    With 2010 coming to a close, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at the most popular prepaid debit card news items posted on The year was packed with important and interesting news items in the prepaid world. The following stories are listed based on the number of times they were read. There may have been more important stories last year, but these five were the tops in terms of the pure amount of times they were read.

  • NetSpend IPO Buzz (Good and Bad)

    The second major IPO of a prepaid card company is going to hit the street this week, with NetSpend Holdings Inc. about to launch as NTSP on the NASDAQ. The days leading up to the float have been bumpy for NetSpend, as one of its critical partners (Meta Financial, owner of MetaBank, the bank partner of NetSpend) came under scrutiny by a banking regulator. Here’s a quick look at the buzz surrounding the NetSpend IPO.

  • Green Dot’s Bank Holding Company Move

    One of the (many) interesting pieces of information from the filing announcing Green Dot’s IPO plans was the announcement of Green Dot’s move to become a bank holding company. We’ve dug up a few more facts about the move.

  • Club America Soccer Fans: Show Your Support with Prepaid Debit Card

    Club America and Denarii Systems recently introduced the Prepaid MasterCard for its five million fans in the U.S. Market that are united by a passion for soccer. The new launch enables soccer fans to make purchases, pay bills and remit money easily and securely while staying connected to their favorite team.

  • Buy A Friend the Prepaid Gift of a Safe Drive Home

    During the holiday season, we typically think of buying prepaid cards as gifts for friends and relatives so they can use their gift card at retailers like the GAP, or But what if you could give the gift of a safe drive home? You can, thanks to the Home Safe Card (and you can also support Mother’s Against Drunk Driving or MADD).

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