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Background Info on Prepaid Resources

In 2007, Prepaid Resources was created by an innovative group of individuals dedicated to providing solutions in the stored-value card spectrum. By focusing on a solutions oriented approach offering to companies looking to increase sales, pairing costs and enhancing brand recognition, Prepaid Resources has established itself as a leader in the prepaid industry. Innovative planning, marketing, operations and sales platforms are derived from cutting edge technology and out-of-the-box thought processing.

Offerings Suite

Prepaid Resources presents a multilevel platform of services to clients all ends of the market. The CONNECTIONS(TM) helps with support, advice and counselling through four systems:

  • PORTABLES(TM) is a shared managed applications program that can be implemented through an existing platform to increase productivity and efficiency.
  • PEARLS(TM) is a referral listing service that marries various prepaid entities with compatible needs and wants for optimum support and functionality.
  • INDUSTRY INSIGHTS(TM) is a prepaid program tool that offers education in the prepaid space through innovative presentations and technology.
  • CONNECTIONS(TM) is a networking system via LinkedIn that delivers planning, education, referrals and product delivery through a human contact conduit.

Assisting the players in the prepaid industry with all of the nuances and detailed elements of running a successful product offering is critical to Prepaid Resources’ business operations. Given the immense growth in the prepaid industry, Prepaid Resources is committed to educate, train and lead the expanding corporate market through the minutia of detail and “bridge the gap between expectations and deliverables”. The entire vertical structure is supported from processors to fulfillment operations to program managers and ISO’s.

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Corporate Headquarters: New York City, USA
Address: 1202 Lexington Avenue, Suite 192, New York, NY, 10028 – 877-775-7999

Debit Cards

Corporate Overview
 WebsitePrepaid Resources is a forerunner in providing innovative technology and consulting services to all prepaid players vertically situated in the value chain.
Recent News Items
  • Senator Introduces Bill to Regulate Prepaid Debit Cards

    On December 17, 2010, Senator Menendez introduced S.4041 – “A bill to amend the Electronic Fund Transfer Act to provide protection for consumers who have prepaid cards, and for other purposes.” The bill is referred to as the “Prepaid Card Consumer Protection Act of 2010” and would amend the Electronic Fund Transfer Act to provide for greater regulation of certain prepaid cards (referred to in the bill as “spending card accounts”).

  • Star Network Allows Prepaid Card Reloads at ATM and Point of Sale

    enable load and reload functionality at participating ATM and POS locations. The expanded transaction set includes activation, load/reload and split tender purchases – with PIN-security and the associated reduction in fraud built in. The new STAR RELOAD service icon denoting load/reload card capabilities will be displayed with the STAR brand on participating cards, merchant point-of-sale and ATM locations.

  • Green Dot Earnings Call: A Prepaid Card Tutorial

    On August 12, 2010, Green Dot Corporation (NYSE:GDOT) had its first earnings conference call. The conference call, of course, included lots of discussion about Green Dot’s second quarter 2010 earnings and outlook. The call also included some excellent information about the prepaid debit card industry. Analysts, investors and others who are interested in covering or better understanding this relatively new industry should listen to the Green Dot Q2 earnings call.

  • American Express Joins Prepaid Card Competition

    American Express Co. (AXP) expanded its prepaid debit card offerings this week by launching a new general purpose reloadable debit card called, simply enough, the “American Express Prepaid Card”. The card is not American Express’ first prepaid card offering – they’ve long offered their highly popular American Express gift cards, and recently launched a teen […]

  • Prepaid Debit ISO Ready Financial Group Raises $7 Million

    The company behind the READYdebit line of prepaid Visa cards, Ready Financial Group, Inc., today announced that it has raised a $7 million Series B funding round. The investment round was led by Rockbridge Growth Equity, a Detroit-based firm begun by Quicken Loans founder Dan Gilbert. Flybridge Capital Partners also participated, with partner Jeff Bussgang joining the Ready Financial board of directors.

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