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TransCard has been serving clients’ pay card needs since 2004, when it became one of the first pay cards in the marketplace. The product was initially launched to service the trucking industry and the remoteness of the driver population. By using ATM and POS networks, TransCard was able to provide employers the ability to pay their drivers in real-time and without checks. In late 2004, TransCard began to market the product outside of the trucking industry and has since offered clients in transportation, retail, food service, warehousing, staffing, direct selling, and the hospitality industry with low-cost, flexible and customizable pay card platform. TransCard offers turn-key programming to small and large corporations alike, government organizations and specialize in community bank partnerships.

Product Solutions of TransCard

TransCard provides vertical product solutions in the prepaid space for various financial institutions including program inception, management, distribution and marketing services. A variety of prepaid card products can be made available to partners that include: fleet cards, payroll cards, gift cards, spiff cards, HSA cards, FSA cards, purchasing cards, government disbursement cards, insurance cards, promotion or rebate cards, disaster payment cards and even private label cards. Some of TransCard’s partners are: the MasterCard Network including Maestro and Cirrus, the American Bankers Association and various community banks, and University National Bank who serves the Issuer role.

The Advantages of the TransCard Platform

Prepaid cards in and of themselves provide many of the benefits of a traditional checking account without the liabilities. Some benefits of TransCard prepaid products worth mentioning are: ubiquitous name recognition/usability of MasterCard, online bill payment, mobile text/email alerts, card to card funds transfer, card to bank funds transfer, monitoring personal credit, budgeting, security, controlled distribution and immediate funding capabilities.
Value-added rewards programs, multiple bank branding, online account management, automated voice response systems, mobile device account management, direct deposit platforms and secondary card issuance are some other distinct program offerings that can be designed and implemented by TransCard.

About TransCard, LLC
Stock Symbol: Privately Held
Corporate Headquarters: Chattanooga TN (USA)
Address: 4080 Jenkins Road, Ste 200, Chattanooga, TN 37421

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TransCard, LLC Corporate Overview
TransCard, LLC WebsiteTransCard is both a processor and a program manager. Because the platform was built in-house, TransCard can develop and customize the entire program to meet a client’s needs. As a processor, employers enjoy the benefits of working directly with a company that is managing the data. This speeds up changes, increases success in implementation and opens up the program for maximum flexibility. TransCard also works with best-in-class banking institutions that specialize in pay card and prepaid products.
Recent TransCard, LLC News Items
  • Program Makes it Easy for Community Banks to Launch Prepaid Card Programs

    During these difficult economic times, prepaid cards are becoming more popular and Business Solutions, a subsidiary of the American Bankers Association, is offering a new program that lets the smaller community banks offer customers a variety of Prepaid MasterCard card products, including general purpose reloadable, payroll and gift cards.

  • Switch to TransCard and Save Fees

    TransCard has announced that from now through March 31, 2011, they will waive implementation fees for Program Managers (PM) and registered Independent Sales Organizations (ISO) that are willing to convert their established portfolios to TransCard’s program called “Switch for Free”.

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