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Visa’s History

With roots from Bank of America’s R&D unit, the Customer Services Research Group, Visa began as the idea of Joseph Williams, who talked bank executives into mass mailing credit cards to a large population in Northern California in the late 1950’s. the initial BankAmericard platform was launched to over 60,000 consumers in Fresno, California in 1958 after Mr. Williams and his group determined that the average middle class household was having difficulties juggling revolving credit accounts with multiple merchants. An “all-purpose” card was targeted as they found many people were unsuccessful at carrying several charge cards, many of which did not include carrying a balance or interest accrual opportunities. What the group didn’t count on back then was the enormous account fraud that would occur, thus resulting in failure. But after reorganizing the effort, incorporating better controls and marketing to out-of-state banks, the BankAmericard system became a success in the U.S. and by the 1970’s, internationally as well. Today, Visa provides electronic transactions, wireless platforms and financial services to billions of customers worldwide.

Visa’s Structure

Visa’s predominant presence in over 200 countries around the globe enable them to perform multiple transaction every second of every day through a vast infrastructure second to none. Visa’s products and services contribute to the global economy through four primary areas – Debit, Credit, Pre-Paid Debit and Commercial/Government. As a global currency, Visa transactions offer a convenient conduit almost anywhere people live or travel, being one of the most recognized form of payment there is. Whether a cardholder wishes to use debit or credit when they purchase, Visa can give them that choice. Visa also offers state of the art security and fraud protection features to safeguard customer’s identity and account balances.

Features and Benefits of Visa Products

Many of Visa’s partners offer premium level platforms that provide great reward programs, exclusive event opportunities, select merchant discounts and even elite concierge services. Their are also fantastic standard packages that accompany almost every Visa card like rental car damage waivers, zero liability fraud protection and emergency card replacement. Visa also offers financial education and proficiency training modules on their website at Visa’s debit card program is safer than carrying cash or writing checks and with the innovative online technological advances employed by Visa and their partners, accounts can easily be managed and tracked by customers. Many of the same protections offered by Visa credit cards are also included in debit card protections. Prepaid cards are convenient financial tools for those individuals without a traditional banking relationship. Visa has prepaid products designed help customers pre-load funds on a debit card for transacting in the same way as many standard credit or debit cards attached to a bank account. Prepaid debit cards can be purchased through a variety of retail merchants, branch banks, employers, government offices and even online. Prepaid Visa cards can also provide many of the same protections and reward programs that are offered by typical credit and debit card programs. Visa also is entrenched in the corporate world, be it large multi-national operations or small mom and pop businesses. With globally recognized transaction services, credit lines, account management tools, government expense/licensing management and travel tools Visa provides a well-rounded palette of business assistance to their clients worldwide.

About Visa
Stock Symbol: NYSE: V
Corporate Headquarters: San Francisco, CA
Address: 595 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94104

Visa Debit Cards

mPower Visa Prepaid Card mPower Visa Prepaid Card

The mPower Visa prepaid card “Puts the Power in Your Pocket”. With a ton of features available, the mPower Visa definitely delivers a lot of “power” to the cardholder. Some of the fantastic features you can benefit from include travel discounts, online bill pay, credit builder, money management tools, card-to-card money share, prescription discounts and more. Read More

NetSpend Pay As You Go Visa NetSpend Prepaid Visa Debit Card (Pay As You Go Version)

NetSpend Corporation continues to astound the masses with some of most flexible and consistent prepaid debit card products around. The NetSpend Prepaid Debit Visa card is a spectacular financial device brought to you in three varieties – a PAY AS YOU GO card (see review below), a FEE ADVANTAGE card, and the powerful PREMIER FEE ADVANTAGE card (requiring direct depost). The Pay as you Go plan was developed for light shoppers and those that really only use the card occasionally.
Read More

Wired Plastic Prepaid Visa Card Wired Plastic Prepaid Debit Visa Card

The Wired Plastic Visa Prepaid Card is a Prepaid Visa card which allows cardholders to use their card anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted, up to an amount they have previously loaded to their account. Wired Plastic is one of the more innovative cards available, and now has a contactless card for convenient “Tap-n-Pay” purchases at merchants nationwide. Read More

UPside Visa Prepaid Card (Life Plan)

The UpSide Visa card is pretty close to the perfect prepaid debit card. We love it because the fees are low (some of the lowest available), as well as the great features. They now have rolled out their newest feature – the ability to write and mail personal checks using the card! Read More

Vision Premier® Visa® Debit Card - Simple & Fair Vision Premier Visa Prepaid Debit Card (Without Direct Deposit)

The Vision Premier® Visa® Debit Card – Simple & Fair without direct deposit offers great benefits and features to it’s customers. The team at Vision has created an excellent prepaid card, loaded with several features you will need to shop, save, and track your spending. Read More

UPside Visa Prepaid Card - Edge Plan UPside Visa prepaid card (Edge Plan)

The UPside Prepaid Visa debit card is loaded with great features, a very competitive fee structure and a one-of-a-kind personal check writing feature. With a ZERO Activation Fee, companion card availability, a low monthly fee and a great rewards program, the UPside Visa card demands a closer look.
Read More

Corporate Overview
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