Some Places Where You Should Use Your Credit Card Carefully

Incidents of credit card fraud are rising day by day. Careless attitude and also ignorance of the people should be blamed for such things. If you fall prey to such fraud cases, your personal finance will definitely get derailed, at least for temporary time being. Through this article, I want to advice you not to use your credit cards at the following places so that you never become a victim to credit card fraudulence.

Non-secure online shopping store

Online shopping involves fair amount of risk. As most of the online stores prefer money transfer through credit card, so you must be careful about disclosing your credit details. Thoroughly check the online store’s privacy policy. Also make it sure to verify the phone number and office address before deciding a purchase from the store. Look for verification in order to be sure about the safety of online transaction.

Hotels, restaurants and pubs

These are high risk zone for credit card fraud. An example may elucidate the point further. If you are putting up in a hotel and paying your bills through credit card, then you may be a victim to such fraud cases. You need to take your credit card out of pocket and give the details in times of every payment to the hotel authorities and this enhances the chance of data theft. So, never keep your eyes off the credit card and make a note of every transaction. Avoid using credit card in hotels or restaurants and try paying your bills in cash. Keeping a very big amount in wallet may put your security in jeopardy but you should carry enough to make cash payment and avert credit card scam.

Cyber Café

Never use public computers in cyber café or in other places. If you fail to log off successfully or forget to delete the information stored in the cookies and a fraud uses the same machine, he/she may steal your credit card account details. Many credit card owners don’t have that much technical knowledge and ‘cookies’ or ‘log off’ may sound Hebrew to them. So, they should avoid public computer machines as wireless network is never safe for transaction via credit card.

Wi-Fi spots in laptops/smart phones

Wi-Fi is commonly used in laptops and smart phones. Being wireless network, it is risky for credit card transaction and so should be avoided. Whenever you are purchasing something via credit card, you need to divulge your credit card details. This information can be accessed by anyone using the same network.

Swipe terminals

Some businesses like retail outlets, shopping centers, gas pumps etc provide devices for card swiping. These terminals are not risk-free at all. Your credit card information will be easily accessed by the thieves using the same swipe card terminals.

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