The Best 3 Credit Cards to Rebuild Your Credit

With the weakening economy, many Americans have faced job loss and increasing prices without pay raises. Many individuals have been forced to max out their monthly budgets every month, or worse, have been forced to live on credit. When unemployment pay runs out or monthly budget can no longer be over extended, countless Americans are forced to default on their credit card and installment loan payments.

However, just because a credit user defaults on their payments doesn’t mean that their credit score is ruined for life.  After the dust has settled and you are ready to get your financial life back in balance, there are credit card companies willing to help you get your credit score back up to acceptable.

These companies may not be the first thing that comes to your mind for getting back on your feet and being able to obtain a mortgage, invest in a retirement account, or play the stock market.  But you might be surprised by options.  The following credit cards are generally for those with credit scores below 650, or have a poor or limited credit history:

Orchard Bank Classic MasterCards

With the Orchard Bank Classic MasterCard, users can receive a credit card with a minimal and refundable security deposit. For the first year, the annual fee ranges between $0-$59 depending on your credit, and from $35 to $59 every year after.  The Orchard Bank card it easily accepted, and also reports to all three major credit bureaus.  The card also offers on-call customer service, and will even provide you with email and text message reminders of up-coming payment due dates.

Capital One Secured MasterCard

With the Capital One Secured MasterCard, users are able to receive a credit line up to $3000 with a minimal refundable security deposit.  Card holders may also receive credit increases with no further security deposit required, and there are no processing or application fees associated with the card which makes it a favorite choice amongst those wishing to rebuild their credit. This card also reports all information to all three major credit card bureaus, and provides easy online access so users may track their credit.

First PREMIER Bank Classic Credit Card

In order to qualify for a First PREMIER Bank Classic Credit Card, users must have a checking account, and must place a security deposit of $95 to receive a $300 credit limit. The deposit for this credit card, like most secured cards, is completely refundable, and it easily helps users rebuild credit as long as they make the minimum payments on time each month.

While a customer shouldn’t completely rely on credit, a certain amount of credit can help any prospects in your financial future, such as buying a home or car. Limit yourself to only one or two cards and only use in an emergency or planned situation.

And the cardinal rule: Do not use credit cards to buy items you can’t afford, because you may run into issue with repayment.  Once you’re back on your feet, you want to stay there.

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