InteliSpend Introduces Their New Expense Prepaid Visa Business Card

Jan 06, 2011 – Earlier this week, InteliSpend Prepaid Solutions announced the arrival of the Expense Visa Prepaid Card that offers corporate clients the ability to more aptly manage business expense spending as well as provide a more fluid administrative process. With over 10 years of B2B prepaid and business expense expertise, InteliSpend continues to bring meaningful advances to their customers through self-serve and custom program solutions.

InteliSpend looks to capture more marketshare based on a recent study by the Aberdeen Group that shows businesses with automated expense management processes typically reduce their costs 63% over the competition while at the same time have a 42% higher compliance with corporate travel policies. InteliSpend’s patented DirectSpend(R) process assists business administration and accounting personnel to control travel, relocation, per diem, entertainment, training and other expenses by industry and merchant. Unused prepaid funds on the card can also be returned to the company.

Darryl Huston, CEO of InteliSpend stated:

“Keeping a tight rein on spending is a business necessity. With our new Expense Visa Prepaid Card, we have created a solution that gives companies a better way to manage cash expenses with built-in features that allow for the return of unused funds back to the funding company at any time. Detailed reports that show you where your expense dollars are going and the Visa brand which is known around the world, make this new option a real value for our customers as they search for ways to keep a handle on spending.”

Upon inspection of the InteliSpend website corporate customers can find a fountain of information to help them run and grow their businesses. Some of the more interesting topics include – Sales Incentives, Wellness Incentives, Loyalty Programs, Employee Recognition, Promotions and Giveaways. Also, a cache of various plastic prepaid products offered to corporate clients including – Themed, Universally Accepted and Merchant Specific can be found on the site. If you are a business person looking for some great financial tools, you might want to check out the InteliSpend Expense Prepaid Visa. For information and comparisons of other prepaid products, visit

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