Prepaid Cards + Mobile Transfers = A Great Combination

Mobile Money Transfer PrepaidPrepaid debit cards are a perfect match of convenience, features and security. Cardholders can enjoy all the benefits of a regular bank account without the need to visit a bank branch (and without the high overdraft fees associated with typical checking accounts). What if you could make it even more convenient to use your prepaid card? You can, with a new service from XIPWIRE.

XIPWIRE is a secure service that enables you to easily initiate a payment to practically anyone who can receive a text message. To get started simply text “connect” to XIPWIRE’s commercial mobile number (“56624”) to create a free account. XIPWIRE will reply with a temporary XIP ID and password which you can use to login to and link a prepaid debit card to your account. The linked account is used to move funds into and out of your XIPWALLET.

Once your XIPWALLET is created and funded from your prepaid card, you can “XIP” money to anyone with a mobile phone (they don’t even have to be a XIPWIRE user). If you’ve been sent money from someone using XIPWIRE, you just need to login to your XIPWIRE account to accept the money.

XIPWIRE lets prepaid debit card users send (and receive) money using their mobile phone, making prepaid cards even more convenient.

We spoke with XIPWIRE to learn more about how prepaid cards can work with XIPWIRE. Here’s what we found out:

XIPWIRE’s secure mobile platform was designed to provide financial equality to the un- or underbanked individuals in American society who typically don’t have access to mainstream financial services like credit cards and bank accounts. Prepaid cards serve as a quick and easy funding source for XIPWIRE accounts which offer individuals more flexibly by making their cash mobile. XIPWIRE users that were once underbanked can experience the same convenience and access to their money as everyone else.

We also asked XIPWIRE if there are any features or situations where it might be advantageous to use a prepaid card as the funding source.

Here’s XIPWIRE’s answer:

For those that wish to mobilize their money with a XIPWIRE account but are without a credit card or bank account, prepaid debit cards provide a quick and cost effective way to fund their account. With a XIPWIRE account they gain immediate access to a mobile financial framework.

Prepaid debit cards are also an ideal way for parents to fund and manage their kids’ mobile accounts. By linking a prepaid card to their kids’ XIPWIRE account, parents can effectively manage the amount of money spent using their mobile phones. In addition, in the event that their kids’ phones are lost or stolen, linked prepaid debit cards offer a measure of security against potential fraudulent activity.

Using XIPWIRE with a prepaid debit card is also a great way to be financially responsible. Prepaid cards ensure individuals can never spend more than they have. Linked to a XIPWIRE account, prepaid cards offer individuals increased flexibility while still helping them to manage their money sensibly.

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