Use Prepaid to Purchase Your Favorite Top 10 Profitable Popular Picture Franchises

The film industry has evolved into something not many of us would not have expected a few decades ago. Are you old enough to remember when almost any movie sequel that came out was a disaster? Terrible scripts, terrible acting and overwhelming over-promotion were the norm back in the day. There seems to be a few exceptions…the Godfather II comes to mind. But now it seems, we have come to expect a franchise of numbered sequels to surpass each predecessor. Not only do we go to the theaters to engross ourselves in these epic stories, we also purchase them on DVD, Blu-Ray and even 3-D. As the big banks continue to condescend at us by taking tax money for bail-outs, lay-off thousands, dramatically increase credit card rates and try to waylay us with bank card fees thousands of hard working families are turning to prepaid debit cards for their entertainment purchases.

If your are one of the many in the movement to defect from the banks, there are resources you can tap to help you make a decision. Take your time and read the fine print so that you can make sure that the financial tool you purchase works for you. Once you find that perfect prepaid card, enjoy it by purchasing some of the great movie franchises we can now enjoy in the comfort of our own home.

According to, here are the current top 10 most profitable movie franchises of all time:

  • 1. Harry Potter – Ticket Sales: $7.660 Billion
  • 2. James Bond – Ticket Sales: $5.030 Billion
  • 3. Star Wars – Ticket Sales: $4.200 Billion
  • 4. Pirates of the Caribbean – Ticket Sales: $3.720 Billion
  • 5. Shrek – Ticket Sales: $2.954 Billion
  • 6. Lord of the Rings – Ticket Sales: $2.908 Billion
  • 7. Avatar – Ticket Sales: $2.780 Billion
  • 8. Transformers – Ticket Sales: $2.667 Billion
  • 9. Batman – Ticket Sales: $2.531 Billion
  • 10. Spiderman – Ticket Sales: $2.494 Billion

We can expect some movement in these numbers over time as two “prequels” to the Lord of the Rings based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s book “The Hobbit” are now shooting in New Zealand. Also in production are additional Batman and Spiderman stories. James Cameron has also announced two more Avatar movies that are in the works if you were wondering why that was on the list. With prepaid debit cards today, our families can continuously enjoy these popular franchises in the privacy of our homes and within our budgets. Many consumers now see it is not financially diligent to accrue high interest charges on carried balances, especially when financial tools like prepaid cards come with fantastic features and benefits including online money management and fraud protection offered by most network-branded cards like Visa, Discover, MasterCard and American Express.

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