Send Help To Haiti Using Obopay

ObopayThe team at Obopay has a special insight into the devastation in Haiti, as one of their employees was in Haiti during the earthquake. The employee is still in Haiti and is working with Haiti Outreach to provide help to Haitians in need.

Obopay is making it easy to send donations to Haiti Outreach. Here are the details of Obopay’s Haiti Relief Effort:

Obopay is waiving the send fees* for donations to Haiti Outreach and is instead donating what it would have collected in such fees to Haiti Outreach.

You can make a donation to Haiti Outreach using Obopay in three ways:

  1. Donate to Haiti from your Web browser by visiting this link which automatically sets up a donation to Haiti Outreach’s Obopay account number.
  2. Go to on your phone’s internet browser and log into your Obopay account to send money. Then select “Send Money” and send it to 612-929-1122, an account dedicated for Haiti Outreach.
  3. To get personally involved in helping Haiti Outreach collect donations by posting the Obopay donation widget on your own social networking site. Go to this link and click on “Get the widget.”
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