Using Prepaid Gift Cards for Charity: Hope Equity Announces New Cards

logo_newHope Equity is a unique prepaid gift card offering in that it allows the recipient to give back to a charity of their choice. When you select a Hope Equity gift card, the recipient is invited to log on to the Hope Equity Website (see link below) and choose from more than 400 charities and endowments for the money to go to. The e-gift cards incorporate the Hope Equity leaves and each feature a different design.

Recipients of the gift card can allocate portions of the fund to different countries or elect to give all of the funds to the same charity. The customizable nature of the card makes it a great gift since the beneficiary can elect the cause(s) they want to support for themselves.

In tough economic times, giving a meaningful gift can be hard. Hope Equity’s innovative new program provides a great choice for those on your list who are hard to shop for. Both you and the recipient will be content that you have done a good deed for those in need around the holidays.
For more information, check out the Hope Equity Website

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