Where to Get Olympic Visa Gift Cards

Visa Prepaid Olympic Gift CardsThe 2010 Winter Olympics are right around the corner. Once again, Visa (NYSE:V) is the official payment card of the Olympics. A big part of Visa’s 2010 Winter Olympic Games promotion include prepaid gift cards. We take a look at the different card designs and where to get them.

Visa prepaid gift cards with art and graphics from the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver BC are available from a number of banks and gift card retailers. The designs include images of different athletes and sports. Visa is providing country-specific cards and images. For example, cardholders from the U.S. can get cards with U.S. athletes (like skier Julia Mancuso, or snowboarder Lindsey Jacobellis), while cardholders from Canada can enjoy cards with images of Canadian athletes (like snowboarder Dominique Maltais, or freestyle skier Chris Wong).

The cards are issued by different Visa issuers. Here are samples of some of the styles available in the U.S. from the Blackhawk Network‘s GiftCardMall.com:

Visa Olympic Gift Card Julia Mancusco Visa Olympic Gift Card Snowboarder

A number of Canadian Banks are issuing Visa winter Olympic gift cards, including the Royal Bank of Canada and Citizens Bank of Canada. Here are images of some of the Visa Olympic gift cards available from the Royal Bank of Canada:

Chris Wong Visa Olympic Gift Card Snowboarder Visa Olympic Gift Card

And here are images of some of the card designs available from the Citizens Bank of Canada:

Visa Olympic Figure Skating Gift Card Visa Gift Card Olympic Hockey

These cards look great, and should be fun collectors items (make sure to spend the value loaded on the cards before putting the card in your scrapbook!).

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