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Issuer: Discover Bankdiscover-bank

Headquarters:Greenwood, Delaware

Website: Discover Bank

FDIC Status: Discover Bank (FDIC Cert: 5649) is FDIC Insured.
Discover Bank has been FDIC insured since January 1, 1934.

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Overview of Discover Bank
Since they first opened their doors to the community of Greenwood, DE, Discover Bank has been providing superior banking products with service designed to help their customers achieve their financial goals. Originally known as Greenwood Trust Company, in 2000, Discover Bank renamed and joined Discover Financial Services and became “Discover Bank.” Through their online service, they’ve expanded beyond their branch to offer award-winning service to customers nationwide with rates that consistently exceed the National Average. Today, Discover Bank manages over $25 billion in consumer deposits.

While a lot has changed about Discover Bank over the years, their commitment to customer service has always remained constant. As a member of the Discover Financial Services family, they are backed by one of the country’s leading financial networks and continue the tradition of superior service for which the Discover brand is recognized again and again. To their customers, this means convenience—access savings wherever Discover Card is accepted and at ATMs across the U.S. And with Discover Bank’s free Online Banking 24/7 customer service it’s easy to track the progress of your accounts anytime.

Bank with Discover Bank, and feel safe and secure knowing your money is invested with an FDIC-insured financial institution and backed by an industry leader. Discover Bank offers peace of mind while helping you save money.

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Debit Cards

Young Money prepaid Discover card Young Money Prepaid Discover Card

Hip Hop style meets redefined banking with the new Young Money Prepaid Discover Card. Young Money Entertainment, founded by rapper, Lil Wayne has partnered with ACCENT Intermedia, a stored value prepaid card marketing and management company to offer a fresh, new prepaid debit card as an alternative to traditional banking. The Young Money Discover card helps you easily control your finances and requires no credit check. Multiple loading options, shopping convenience and secure transactions are a part of Young Money’s prepaid card program. Read More

nFinanSe Discover Card nFinanSe Prepaid Discover Card

Do you like Discover network cards? The folks at nFinanSe have a great option for you if you are looking for a prepaid Discover card, with the nFinanSe Discover prepaid card. Get all the benefits of a prepaid debit card (including no overdraft fees) with this prepaid Discover card from nFinanSe. Read More

Current By Discover Current by Discover

The Current Card was a prepaid teen debit card issued by Discover Bank. In many ways, it was a leader in the teen prepaid card space with excellent parental controls and features. Unfortunately, the Current Card from Discover is no longer available for new account holders (although existing accounts, apparently, remain in service). We are leaving portions of this review on the site for you information. Read More

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