Horizon Bank, SSB

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Headquarters:Austin, Texas

Website: Horizon Bank

FDIC Status: Horizon Bank, SSB (FDIC Cert: 3256) is FDIC Insured. Horizon Bank, SSB has been FDIC insured since January 1, 1934.

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Overview of Horizon Bank

Established in 1905 and headquartered in Austin, Texas, Horizon Bank, along with banking offices in Holland (First Holland) and Salado (First Salado), has established itself as a bank founded on community principles; neighborhood banking, local knowledge.

In an era where banking options are dominated by national presence, Horizon Bank offers banking for Texans. The institution is Central Texas managed and responsible to local shareholders. Independent of the national banking movement, we offer personal service and individual attention for the customer. Servicing the personal banking consumer, small business owner and corporate or institutional entity, Horizon touts competitive rates, quick responses and a local decision making process, a rarity in today’s industry.

Horizon Bank offers the following personal and commercial services.

* Online Banking (personal/commercial)
* Checking (personal/commercial)
* Savings & CDs
* Credit Cards
* Mortgage Lending
* Merchant Processing
* Horizon Deposit (merchant capture system)

Horizon offers advanced online banking that is Quicken© and QuickBooks© integrated for all customers, personal and commercial alike. In an effort to expedite monetary transactions and reduce costs for small business, the bank presents “Horizon Deposit”, a merchant capture based system

Horizon Bank makes a commitment to the communities they operate in and the communities they live in. The management team at Horizon believes that banking should be a valued relationship, where your bank is local and a helping hand is right around the corner

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