How to Load Money on a Discover Current Card

The Discover Current card is a program designed primarily for parents to provide their teens with a prepaid debit card which the parents can monitor and control. By linking the cards, teens as young as 13 can have their own prepaid Discover card bearing their name. It eliminates the worries over cash being lost or stolen while teaching teens how to budget and control their spending.

There are five different ways to add money to a Discover Current Teen debit card once the account is opened.

• Parents can arrange to have funds automatically transferred from their credit card or debit card to their child’s card.
• Parents can arrange to have funds transferred from their savings or checking account to their teen’s card.
• Parents can have all or part of their payroll check added to the card by direct deposit.
• Parents can make an instant transfer from their credit card in the event of an emergency.
• The teen can arrange to have his or her own payroll check added to the card by direct deposit.

When the account is established, the parent can set up an online account and enter the information to fund the card automatically from a major credit card, debit card, or bank account. In case the teen needs funds immediately, the parent can arrange an instant transfer online.

Parents may alter or suspend deposits to a teen’s card at any time. However, it is recommended that ample time be allowed for the change to take effect. If the intent is to restrict the teen’s spending, the parent can instead suspend the teen’s card and reactivate it at a later date. Parental controls also allow parents to block transactions at certain types of businesses, such as airlines or game rental sites, as well as offering the ability to block cash withdrawals from an ATM.

To set up direct deposit of payroll checks, the cardholder logs in to his account at and follows the prompts to the direct deposit form. This form contains all the information needed to establish a direct deposit. All that is required is for the employee to sign it and give it to his or her employer. One of these forms is also included with the Discover Current card mailed to each cardholder.

At present, there is no provision for reloading a Discover Current card with cash at a retailer or reload center.

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