How to Load Money on a Only1 Visa Card

An Only1 Visa card is a prepaid debit card to which you add funds and then use like a regular debit or credit card for purchases or ATM withdrawals. There are several ways to add cash to your new Only1 Visa card.

Direct Deposit onto Your Only1 Visa Card

You can fund your Only1 Visa card by having all or part of your payroll check deposited to your account. Your company must offer direct deposit as a payroll option, so confirm that your employer does indeed participate. Then complete a direct deposit authorization and give it to your employer’s payroll department. Direct deposit forms can be found at the Only1 website or with your personalized card.

You can also use your state or federal income tax refund to reload your card. Regardless of whether you e-file or submit a paper return, there will be a box for you to select direct deposit and enter the bank routing and account numbers. You can find these numbers on the insert that arrived with your personalized Only1 card or by going to the Only1 website and following the links to direct deposit.

Your government benefits payments can also be loaded to your Only1 card by direct deposit. It is best to call the agency that issues your checks for detailed instructions. However, in most cases, follow these simple steps to establishing direct deposit of your Social Security, VA, or other agency payments:

  • Use the form that came with your personalized Only1 card. Complete it and mail to the agency that issues your payments.
  • Log in to your account at the Only1 website and follow the links to print out a direct deposit form. Complete the form and mail it to the agency that issues your payments.
  • Complete a direct deposit application at

Transfers to an Only1 Prepaid Visa

If you receive payments through Paypal, you can have the money transferred to your Only1 card. Just enter the same routing and account numbers you would use for direct deposits. Paypal will then make two small deposits of under $1 each to test the accuracy of the bank information. Log in to your Only1 account in 2-3 days to find the amounts and enter them at the Paypal site to confirm your account.

Only1 Visa card holders can use BuddyMoney to transfer funds to each other using their Only1 cards. The sending card holder adds the recipient to his buddy list and then transfers whatever amount he chooses to the recipient. The fee is fifty cents per transfer.

Reload Locations for Only1 Visa

Purchase a Reloadit pack at a retailer near you. Take a Reloadit carrier to the cashier and pay the amount you wish to reload. There is a minimum of $20 and a maximum of $500 for Reloadit packs, and payments must be made in cash. The retailer will also charge a service fee, which varies by retailer. To find a store near you, go to the Only1 website and enter your location information.

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