How to Load Money Onto a READYdebit Card

Many people are opting to get rid of their credit cards for any number of reasons. However, the need to have a card available that you can use is still important. It is hard to function in the world without a credit card today. That is where the READYDebit prepaid Visa card can help out. This card option is very attractive to many especially since it is a reload prepaid card which allows you to continue to put more money on it as your balance dwindles down.

When you need to load value onto your READYdebit card, there are a few different solutions you can use. These options include:

• Direct Deposit
• Green Dot or Visa Ready Link at participating retailers
• Transfer from your checking or savings account
• Transfer from another READYdebit card

Your READYDebit card is built for convenience and for a reload prepaid card, the process is very simple.

Direct Deposit onto your READYdebit card

Simply link your card to your payroll check, government check or any other type of check where direct deposit is an option. Your funds will automatically load onto the card assuring you that you will always have available credit.

Green Dot/Visa Ready Link Load to your READYdebit card

Cash options where you use the services of these merchants (found in many retailers at the customer service desk) and give cash in exchange for loading your card. You can find a list of the participating retailers on the cards website but most major retailers work with one or both of these money services companies.

Transfer from Checking Account/Savings Account

Once you have loaded in your checking account number onto your account (with routing number too of course), you will be able to transfer funds onto your account whenever you need it.

Of course if you have more than one account you will always have the option to switch money between the two as you would if you had two checking accounts. It is very easy and is completed right online after you sign onto your account. You will be given an option for a transfer since your accounts will be linked. You can also transfer from others cards too if you so choose.

No matter which method you use, all are simple, customer friendly and results in you continuing to keep available credit on your READYDebit card to use when you need it the most.

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