How to Load Money onto a Vision Premier Card

Depending on your life and financial status you might find it necessary to have a pre paid credit card as one of your financial solutions. One of these cards is the Vsion Premier Card. This card can be used the same way you use any credit card except you are in charge of how much you can use it for since you are the one that puts the money into the card to begin with.

Getting Started With a Vision Premier Card

When you sign up for your card you will be asked for an initial deposit. Your card will start with your initial deposit in order to being using it. From that point on you need to load (or add additional funds) as the available credit dwindles down there are a few ways that you can load funds on the card. The two most popular are:

• Direct Deposit
• Through participating retail locations

Both of these methods are very simple and easy to complete so you will never run out of money on your Vision Premier card.

Direct Deposit to your Vision Premier Debit Card

Similar to having your payroll check deposited into your checking account, something most of us have had to deal with, you can have it deposited right onto your prepaid card. When you follow this method it assures you that you always have a constant stream of funds going onto the card that you can then use as needed.

Payroll checks are not the only item that you can direct deposit. Any form of financial funding that you receive can be earmarked as a direct deposit onto this card. This includes social security checks, government checks or just about any other type of check with an organization which offers this as an option.

Retail Locations to Load Your Vision Premier Card

Of course, the Vision Premier Card is accepted in thousands of locations and many of these locations also offer the option of loading the card for you when you need to do so. Some of the retailers which you can go to for the reloading process include but are not limited to:

• Smith’s Food and Drug
• Wal-Mart
• Walgreens
• K-Mart

They load them using different money servicing companies that they deal with such as:

• ACE Cash Express
• Green Dot
• Pay zone
• Money gram
• Western Union

When you go to the many retailers which will reload these cards for you the transaction will most likely be conducted at the customer service desk. Make sure you have your card and identification with you.

Between these two processes you will have no problem keeping your Vision Premier Card loaded with the amount your desire.

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