How to set up Direct Deposit on a AccountNow Prepaid MasterCard

One of the big advantages of using a prepaid debit card is that it makes it easier for you to access and use your cash. One of the biggest time and money savers is to use direct deposit to deposit pay or benefits checks directly onto a card. However you get paid, there are several benefits to having funds added to your AccountNow Prepaid MasterCard by direct deposit:

• Increased Convenience: You do not even have to be in town to get paid.
• Reduced Cost: Using direct deposit is free, so you save check cashing fees
• Improved Safety: Paper documents can be stolen or misplaced.
• Time Savings: No more trips to cash your check, and no more lines.

It only takes a minute or two to complete the form needed. Nothing could be easier or faster!

Direct Deposits to an AccountNow Prepaid MasterCard for Government Benefit Checks

If you receive a monthly check for Social Security benefits, a pension from the VA, or any other type of government benefit, these are the steps for setting up direct deposit.

  1. Find the following information:
    • The direct deposit account number and routing information from AccountNow;
    • The check number on your last benefit check or your claim number;
    • Your SSN;
    • Address and name just as it is shown on your benefit check.
  2. Visit and log in.
  3. Click the “Add Money” tab.
  4. Choose “Benefits” to set up direct deposits for payments from the government.
  5. Print the enrollment form and submit to the agency paying your benefits, or you can complete your direct deposit enrollment online.

The routing number and account number will be shown on the next page after the direct deposit form.

Direct Deposits to an AccountNow Prepaid MasterCard for Payroll Checks

  1. Make sure that your employer offers direct deposit as a payroll option.
  2. Log in at
  3. Click on “Add Money”.
  4. Select “Paycheck”.
  5. Either print the form or email it to yourself.
  6. Turn the direct deposit form in to your payroll department.

For payroll checks, the routing and account numbers will appear on the form itself.

Direct Deposits to an AccountNow Prepaid MasterCard for Tax Refund Checks

Find the routing number and direct deposit account number by following these steps:

  1. Log in at
  2. Select “Add Money”.
  3. Choose “Paycheck”.
  4. Print the direct deposit form, which will have the numbers on it.
  5. When filing your return, choose the option to have your refund paid by direct deposit and then enter the routing and account numbers when prompted.

Direct deposits are not accepted for more than $6,000 each, so if your tax refund is greater than this amount, do not use this option.

Tips for Direct Deposits to an AccountNow Prepaid Debit MasterCard

• It can take up to 2 payroll cycles before you see your first direct deposit. Always check to see if you received a statement of deposit or a real check.
• Be careful not to go over your limits for deposits. You cannot deposit more than $6,000 per day nor have more than $10,000 on the card.
• If you would like to check if a deposit has been received, you can do so at Log in and choose “View Account Activity” then follow the prompts until you can choose “Card Account Activity”.

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