How to set up Direct Deposit on a Vision Premier Prepaid Visa Card

There are many good reasons to choose to have your money placed on a Vision Premier Prepaid Visa Card by direct deposit, regardless of whether you receive a weekly payroll check or a monthly pension check.

[ad#Google Adsense]Here are some of the benefits of using direct deposit with a Vision Premier Visa card:

• Direct deposit is more convenient. Your money is added automatically to your card and available to you no matter where you are.
• Direct deposit saves money. There is no charge to add funds by direct deposit, and you will not be out any fees for check cashing.
• Direct deposit is safer. Checks and cash can be misplaced or stolen.
• Direct deposit saves time. When you choose direct deposit, you eliminate trips and long waits in line to cash your check.

Arranging for your checks to be added to your Vision Premier Prepaid Visa Card is a very simple procedure and takes only a few minutes.

Using Direct Deposit of Monthly Government Checks to a Vision Premier Visa Account

If you wish to arrange direct deposit for checks from the Veteran’s Administration, Social Security, or other agency, please follow these steps.

  1. Locate your information:
    • The check number from the last payment received or your claim number;
    • The Social Security Number associated with the payment;
    • The precise name and address printed on the payment;
    • The amount of the last payment;
    • The routing and account numbers for your Vision Premier Card. This will be included with your personalized card, or you can find it on the form available at
  2. Go to and complete the form, or you can call 1-800-333-1795 to enroll.
  3. You can also print the form, fill it in, and mail it to the agency issuing your payments.
  4. If you need help, you can call Vision Premier customer service at 1-800-207-1805.
  5. It usually takes at least one payment cycle before direct deposit begins.

Using Direct Deposits for Payroll Checks to a Vision Premier Account

  1. Almost all employers offer direct deposit, but you should check first to make sure that yours does.
  2. Go to
  3. Print the form, fill it in, and give it to the person in charge of payroll for your company.
  4. You can also get a form by calling 1-800-207-1805, or you can use the voided check that came with your card.
  5. It typically takes at least one pay cycle and sometimes two before direct deposit starts. Always check whether you have a statement or a check in your envelope.

Using Direct Deposit for Tax Refunds to a Vision Premier Account

Prepaid cards work great as tax refund cards. You will need to know the routing number and deposit account number for your card. These normally arrive with your personalized card. If you no longer have them, you can call 1-800-207-1805 or find them online by going to

All you need to do is provide these numbers to your tax preparer or enter them after selecting the option to have your refund made by direct deposit when you e-file.

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