Loading Money on your Prepaid Card at Western Union Locations

western-union-logoAlmost everyone is familiar with Western Union, right? We see the logo everywhere, and usually associate them with money transfer services. But did you know that you can load money onto many prepaid debit cards at Western Union as well?

There are over 43,000 Western Union retail locations across the U.S. If your prepaid debit card has a Western Union logo on it, or if your card is a Visa card, you can probably deposit cash onto your card (also called a “reload” of the card) at that Western Union location.

Here’s how you do it. Simply find a Western Union Agent location near you and fill out a grey Prepaid Services form. Indicate the load amount and pay the Western Union Load Fee. The load fee is typically quite low (usually less than $5), and it takes just seconds. Once you have filled out the form and provided the cash, the money should be almost instantly available on your card for you to access it (at merchants, ATM machines, on the Internet, etc.).

Western Union has been a trusted financial services provider for over 150 years, and provides fantastic service and convenient locations.

Use this handy search tool to find the nearest Western Union Agent, and head over to load some cash onto your prepaid debit card.

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