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How the Prepaid Industry Works

There is enough confusion out there about how the prepaid debit card industry works, that it warrants a brief explanation. Now, keep in mind this is a very simplistic explanation of the industry’s structure, but for all intents and purposes, it should provide some insight.

At the top of the food

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How to Dispute a Debit Card Charge

Thanks to the credit crunch, debit cards are increasing in popularity. There is a fundamental difference between debit cards and credit cards – With debit cards, you can only spend what you have. With credit cards, you can get in serious debt. Debit cards also differ in

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Two Prominent Banks in the Hot Seat

JPMorgan Chase and Capital One, two of the largest banks in the country, will soon have to pay out multi-million dollar settlements to their customers for unfair practices. This is an epic battle between David (the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) and 2 goliath banks.

Settlement Terms for Consumers

JPMorgan Chase,

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