Palm Desert National Bank

Issuer: Palm Desert National Bank (PDNB)palm-desert-national-bank-logo

Headquarters:Palm Desert, California

Website: Palm Desert National Bank

FDIC Status: Palm Desert National Bank (FDIC Cert: 23632) is FDIC Insured. Palm Desert National Bank has been FDIC insured since December 7, 1981.

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Overview of Palm Desert National Bank
PDNB is a locally-owned, independent bank, growing with the community for over 27 years. PDNB opened its first branch in Palm Desert, California in December 1981. In December 2001, their branch opened in La Quinta, and in June 2007, they opened the doors of their newest branch in Palm Springs.

At PDNB, their mission is to be the bank of choice to those who value a superior level of personalized banking, tailored to meet individual needs. Palm Desert National Bank offers a full range of financial services, and they pride themselves in providing the best in prompt, friendly service, every time.

Their commitment to providing service excellence is personified by the fact that their employees are also partners in the business, thanks to a special employee stock ownership plan.

As an active corporate citizen in their community, PDNB strongly supports worthy local charities and events such as Shelter From the Storm, The Children’s Discovery Museum and the Palm Springs International Film Festival.

Palm Desert National Bank is a nationally chartered financial institution with assets exceeding $300 million*. In addition, it is home to Electronic Banking Solutions (EBS), a division that was established in 1994 with a mission to provide premier electronic banking services throughout the United States for a variety of product line services. EBS has taken the lead in a number of electronic products and continues to lead the industry in electronic banking. EBS offers Merchant Acquiring Services, Prepaid Card Sponsorship, ATM Sponsorship, and Automated Clearing House (ACH) Services.

Palm Desert National Bank is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Palm Desert Investments.

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  • Palm Desert National Bank Inks Deal to Sell Division

    Palm Desert National Bank (PDNB) entered into a deal with First California Financial Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: FCAL – the holding company of First California Bank) in which PDNB will sell its Electronic Banking Solutions division. The EBS division, apparently, is Palm Desert National Bank’s prepaid card division. The deal will allow First California to enter the prepaid debit card market.

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