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The Bancorp Bank Background Information

Since its inception in 2000, The Bancorp Bank is a wholly-owned subsidiary of publicly held The Bancorp, Inc (NASDAQ: TBBK), and promotes its products primarily through partnership models. While there are at least one Bancorp Bank locations, the Bank has focused efforts via online channels, in providing privately branded banking and technological systems development for many non-bank corporations. Through innovation and implementation, a customized banking solution has evolved with The Bancorp’s solid partnership programs across the United States. These “branchless banking” programs enable members, employees and customers of affinity partners to access online banking services, customized for them, under the affinity partner’s brand. The Bancorp Bank is FDIC insured and besides their non-traditional banking relationships, they enjoy providing financial products and services to a variety of small and medium sized companies through a regional community bank platform in the Wilmington and Philadelphia markets.

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The Bancorp Bank’s Business Segments

The private-label “non-banking” platform innovated by The Bancorp Bank consists of 4 primary parts – Stored-Value, Health Services, Retail/Merchant Processing and Wealth Management. The Stored-Value segment includes a heavy focus on the Prepaid Debit Card market. Under a customized branding initiative for Bancorp’s Affinity Partnerships, “branch-less banking” allows partners and their valued employees, program members and customers of partners to take advantage of the ease, convenience and efficiency of Online Banking. Bancorp has a goal to “Change the Way America Pays”(TM) through their prepaid product conduit and valued “Affinity Partnerships”.

Bancorp’s Dedication

While relying on partner feedback and improving the prepaid platform to the consumer, Bancorp’s core philosophy is focused on customer care. The Bankcorp Bank Payment Solutions Group will help partners grow their companies and achieve their goals with a wide spectrum of features including – issuing the prepaid debit card, guiding partners through the process, developing relationships with ancillary processors and fulfillment providers, customizing platforms and consulting partners to efficiently manage their programs to realize the highest ROI and program success possible.

About The Bancorp Bank
Stock Symbol: NASDAQ: TBBK
Corporate Headquarters: Wilmington, DE
Address: 409 Silverside Road, Wilmington, Delaware 19809

The Bancorp Bank Debit Cards

The Bancorp Bank Corporate Overview
The Bancorp Bank WebsiteThe Bancorp Payment Solutions Group, a division of The Bancorp Bank, a wholly owned subsidiary of The Bancorp, Inc. (Nasdaq:TBBK), offers secure, creative and innovative payment solutions to the prepaid card industry. As a leading issuer of prepaid cards, The Bancorp Payment Solutions Group contributes to the success of Fortune 500 companies through the development of cutting-edge prepaid card programs that meet the rapidly changing needs of the prepaid industry. Through long-standing relationships with the card associations, leading program managers and processors, The Bancorp Payment Solutions Group designs innovative and flexible prepaid card programs which deliver outstanding results. The Bancorp Bank helps you build your business through prepaid solutions that reduce expenses, streamline processes and add value to the products and services you offer to your customers. In the past year, The Bancorp Bank has issued new prepaid programs that have led to record growth.
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  • Why does Bancorp take all of the money paid to them for a prepaid debit card if not used by a certain date? That is not your money.

    Dawn 4 years ago

  • I purchased a Vision Premier Prepaid Visa Card, which I understand is issued by Bancorp, sometime in 2007. At the time I created a User’s ID and a password. Over the years I did not need it, but since Geico quit accepting cash for my auto insurance, I suddenly needed the card again. I loaded it with cash at Western Union and tried to pay my Geico bill, but the card had expired years ago. After many hours of trying to find a person to talk to, I gave up and went back to Western Union. Western Union got me connected to a person to file for a “lost card”. I told her that I still had my card, but it expired and I just needed it renewed. Well it took about a week of waiting, and I received the card. It still had the same number with a new expiration date. Then I tried to get online to activate the card, but cannot remember the User ID and Password I used in 2007. There is no place on the card, or the web site to get a real person to talk to and get it straightened out. I can somehow get them to send me a change password code. But it does not accept the User Name when I return, and I cannot open a new account because it says they cannot find the number. They don’t offer me any test questions to help me remember my User’s ID like other sites do when I forget. How can I find a real person to help me get this straightened out? Is there any person that could reply to my post to tell me how to find someone to help me. I am a senior with some memory problems. I could not remember my password for my computer today, but after I thought about it for a while I could remember it. But trying to remember the User ID and Password from 2007 is not as easy. I have searched through every email since 2006 and cannot find where my User ID or my password shows up. I should have it somewhere but I can’t find where I would have put it. Please help.

    Don Hart 4 years ago

  • This card is some bull-shit… The bank put a hold on my account and can not explain to me in detail WHY??? My funds are direct deposit for years and now I suddenly can not access my funds. I had dinner with my 3 small kids and checked my funds in the AM before dinner at 7PM. I was retained by officers due to the non ability to pay for our meal of $88.09… My funds was well over $600.00.. I was in custody and my husband could not or didn’t receive the text message until it was too late. Now, I was afraid, my kids scared and taken away all for some fuck up situation this card created.

    Kisha Stevens 4 years ago

  • hi im nicole my email is [email protected] accountnow which is under the bancorp bank umbrella is fraudulently holding my funds, this company should be investigated for conspiracy. when i have called into customer service and asked to speak to a manager they have left me on hold more then once. we as customers should ban together and with the help of a qualified attorney file a class action lawsuit against THE BANCORP BANK / ACCOUNTNOW VISA.

    nicole lewis 4 years ago

    • I feel you on that, I got me a card for depositing my checks and its been two months and still nothing, my job showed me they been depositing my cheks and banccorps has me doing the run around and leaving me on hold smh I want to do sum bout that shit

      Dallas 3 years ago

  • Bancorp are thieves and their exact prepaid mastercard is bullshit. They have 40.70 of my money and will not return it to my account. They screw up on an order I made with a company, they doubled the amount, I contact the seller myself, he cancels the doubled item. Exact will not contact me or put MY money back into account. They are chiseling thieves who all belong in jail along with their overseas telephone staff!!!!

    dudley mills 4 years ago

  • I was awarded a gift card from your bank via a tire company I had done business with in my town. I just realized that it is good thru 1/17. But when I went to purchase an item online and put down the 1/17 as there was no place to enter Good thru 1/17, so my order was refused! But, I could still buy it with a different card. I want to use this one as it will expire soon! The amount the card was $12. Could you send me another card with that amount on it?! I would appreciate that if you could!


    Anita Spencer

    Anita Spencer 3 years ago

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