Our Recommended Tax Refund Cards

There are literally dozens of choices of prepaid cards that you can use to get your tax refund deposited on. Which one should you use? The answer to that question depends on your particular situation, and how you’ll use the card. To help you decide, we selected

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Who Should Use a Tax Refund Card?

Tax refund cards are not appropriate for everyone. Here are a few questions to answer to see if a tax refund card is appropriate for you (if you answer “Yes” to 2 or more questions, you might benefit from using a tax refund card to receive your tax refund):Read More

What is a Tax Refund Card?

A tax refund card is a prepaid debit card that is used to receive your tax refund by direct deposit. Tax refund cards are “prepaid debit cards”. Almost any prepaid debit card can be used to receive your tax refund. Some prepaid debit cards are issued especially

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How to Use a Tax Refund Card

If you already have a tax refund debit card, or if you have just applied for one (check out our recommended tax refund cards in the next section of this Guide), you need to tell the IRS where to deliver your tax refund. The process is simple, but

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Why Should I Use a Tax Refund Card?

The IRS allows you to receive your tax refund via direct deposit. It doesn’t matter whether you file electronically or by mail – direct deposit gives you access to your refund faster than if you choose to receive it as a paper check.

Direct deposit also avoids the possibility

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Tax Refund Cards – Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about tax refund cards? Read our tax refund card frequently asked questions for answers to some of the questions we hear most often.

Where Can I Use a Tax Refund Card?

You can use a tax refund card wherever Visa®, MasterCard® or Discover® cards are accepted (depending

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TurboTax Tax Refund Visa® Card

The TurboTax Tax Refund Visa® Card is one of our favorite tax refund cards. One reason we like it is because the issuance of the card is nicely integrated (and documented) in the TurboTax tax preparation software that millions of Americans use each year. Read on to find

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Cards for Independent Tax Preparation Services

Attention independent tax preparation services – Would you like to provide low-cost prepaid cards as a value added service to your clients? Do you deal with clients who are unbanked but who would benefit from getting their tax refund directly deposited into a prepaid debit card account? Here

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