READYdebit Visa (“Control” Plan with Direct Deposit)

The READYDebit CONTROL Visa prepaid card offers cardholders some magnificent savings when they participate in direct deposit. By automatically loading your pay or benefits checks (a minimum of $1500) every month on the Control card through direct deposit, you can save the monthly fees typically charged on a READYdebit prepaid card. Even if you don’t take advantage of direct deposit, the READYdebit Control Visa plan offers a pay per transaction program for customers not needing a lot of bells and whistles. For a low monthly charge, cardholders can use the Readydebit card occasionally when needed. The funds loaded on your ReadyDebit card are protected by the Visa Zero Liability policy. There are also several convenient methods to load money on your prepaid ReadyDebit Visa.

Review of the READYdebit Visa (“Control” Plan with Direct Deposit)

READYdebit Visa (

By choosing direct deposit with READYdebit’s “Control” program, not only will you lower your monthly fee, but also included are – FREE Online Bill Pay, access to a million ATM’s and FREE online check writing, not to mention – no more overdrafts! READYdebit also has a great card-to-card money transfer program so you can share money with your family and friends. There are quite a few benefits to choosing a READYdebit prepaid Visa card:

  • $0 Monthly Fee*
  • Free Credit Score
  • Free Online Bill Payment & Check Writing
  • Free Direct Deposit
  • No Overdraft Fees or Balance Minimums
  • 100% Guaranteed Approval – No Credit Checks*
  • Reloadable up to $10,000 Max Balance
  • *See Program Rules
  • Get the READYdebit Visa (“Control” Plan with Direct Deposit) Right Now!
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