READYdebit Prepaid Visa (“Select” Plan)

The ReadyDebit folks have designed a prepaid card program that gives their customers the value of choice. READYDebit Visa cards are offered in three categories – The SELECT plan (this review), the CONTROL plan and the PLATINUM plan. READYDebit is committed to providing their customers superior financial products. Traditional big banking bilks billions every year from their account holders with annoying overdraft and other checking fees. The READYdebit “Select” prepaid Visa debit card can assist you in the elimination of those fees.

Review of the READYdebit Prepaid Visa (“Select” Plan)

READYdebit Prepaid Visa (

Readydebit Select Visa allows you to access 1 million+ ATM machines across the country and has ZERO overdraft charges – EVER! Don’t worry about any purchases fees or balance inquiry fees either. READYdebit knows how those can add up, so they are free with the Select plan. Other free services provided by the Select card include – transaction declines, ATM declines, automated phone/online account access and all kinds of cash loading methods. See more of the READYdebit Select VISA prepaid card’s features below:

  • Free Credit Score
  • Free Unlimited Purchase Transactions
  • Free Online Bill Payment & Check Writing
  • Free Direct Deposit – paycheck, benefits, tax refunds
  • 100% Guaranteed Approval* – No Credit Checks
  • Reloadable up to $10,000 Max Balance
  • Choose Your Card Color – Blue or Pink
  • Get the READYdebit Prepaid Visa (“Select” Plan) Right Now!
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