Balance Transfer Credit Cards With Rebates

There are credit cards that pay you a rebate on the interest you pay on your balance. You might want to consider one of these cards instead of looking for the 0% teaser. The Visa from Bank of America is now offering a 10% cash rebate on the amount of interest you have paid in a year. Finding a credit card company that will let you transfer your balance to their company and pay you on your interest is a great motivator This is not always the best way to go but in today’s economy it is worth finding out how much interest you are paying so that you will know the amount you will be getting in return.

There are still credit card companies that will pay you the 5% rebate on gas purchases but many are still putting a cap on the amount that they will pay. You might want to consider all the surrounding factors about a new credit card rebate policies before you make your balance transfer effective. When you go shopping for a good deal on your credit card check out what is involved in a zero percent balance transfer.

A zero percent balance transfer might just be a teaser in order to get you to switch to the new credit card company. You may find that you are paying out more in fees and other charges so that doing the transfer is not really worth making the change. There are good bargains out there but the consumer needs to be sharp and check out offers before accepting any deals.

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