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– Business Credit Cards With Rewards Programs If you’ve been considering getting a business credit card based on the rewards that it offers, you will find that the major business credit card issuers provide the most comprehensive rewards programs available to business credit card Visa Business Credit Cards Rewards Visa business credit cards allow cardholders to earn certain points on a number of business In order to encourage business credit card holders to charge purchases of everyday office items to their business credit cards, every dollar spent on business services and office supplies purchased from standalone stationery stores will earn three points; for other purchase, the incentive is one point for every dollar You have to redeem the points that you accumulate in three years since they will expire after that Depending on the type of Visa business credit card, new business credit card holders will either receive either 10000 or 15000 reward points after his or her first Standalone merchants are office supply merchants whose main business is selling office supplies and stationeries to other businesses or commercial Professional services may also be considered standalone, on condition that such providers of accounting and legal services are serving mainly business Purchases will not be eligible for the three points per dollar rewards if made at discount stores and other


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