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What is the Value of Continental Airlines OnePass Miles?

The Continental OnePass frequent flyer program offers both SaverPass and EasyPass fares for many global destinations. SaverPass fares require far fewer miles to obtain flights, but suffer from limited availability. Conversely, EasyPass fares, while requiring significantly more miles, have no availability restrictions. Given how much more

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Frequent Flyer Mileage Valuation Comparison

In order for GetDebit to accurately rank the dozens of credit cards with frequent flyer programs, it is necessary to calculate the dollar value per mile for each of these programs. We have written numerous articles about each, but below is a table which summarizes our estimated values for

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Detailed Analysis of Flight Costs

In order to calculate the value of certain frequent flyer programs, it is necessary to understand what it would cost to buy those airline tickets with cold hard cash. In economic terms, I think this is referred to as the replacement cost. Given that airline pricing strategy is

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