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Tips on Credit Score Improvement

Credit record or score is not an unfamiliar phrase in financial circle. It is the record of your financial behavior that is assessed on the basis of how good you have been in repaying loans or if you have defaulted on it. Your credit score can decide whether you will

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What to Know About Credit Reports and Credit Scores

A credit report is a vital tool that reveals important information about your financial history. It is used by banks and other companies when deciding whether to do business with a person or not. A person with good credit will qualify for lower interest rates on credit cards

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How Does Capital One Determine Your Credit Level?

Last Updated: 8/8/2010

Capital One has a table on their website with guidelines for how they determine an individual’s credit worthiness—-which in turn impacts which card offers you are eligible for. Normally, GetDebit would just link to the table on the Capital One site and be done with it, but

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