How to Use a Tax Refund Card

If you already have a tax refund debit card, or if you have just applied for one (check out our recommended tax refund cards in the next section of this Guide), you need to tell the IRS where to deliver your tax refund. The process is simple, but make sure you double (or triple) check the details (if the information you provide is incorrect, the IRS will mail your refund to you – which is what we want to avoid, right?).

You’ll need to gather some information before filing your return. In particular, you’ll need to get (1) the “routing number” for your prepaid debit account (which is a nine digit long number that identifies the bank where your prepaid account is held), and (2) the “account number” for your prepaid debit account (typically the 16 digit number on the front of your card). Most prepaid tax refund card issuers make this information easily available to you on their website or from within your account (when you log-in online).

You’ll need this information no matter how you are filing (whether you are filing online, by mail, or through your local tax preparer).

Once you have the routing number and account number, you’ll need to enter the information on your tax return forms.

Here’s an example of where to enter the information if you are using the 1040EZ form.

You can download a copy of the 2009 IRS Federal Form 1040EZ, here.

The section where you’ll need to enter your routing number and account number is at lines 12a-d of the form as shown below:

Enter Tax Refund Card Information on Your 1040EZ

Check with your account provider, but you will typically select “Checking” as the account type.

If you are using the Federal 1040 Form, you’ll enter the information at lines 73a-d, and if you use 1040A, you’ll enter the information at lines 45a-d.

Once again, double check your information to make sure your funds are deposited onto your account as quickly as possible.

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