Our Recommended Tax Refund Cards

There are literally dozens of choices of prepaid cards that you can use to get your tax refund deposited on. Which one should you use? The answer to that question depends on your particular situation, and how you’ll use the card. To help you decide, we selected several tax refund cards that we feel provide good value for different situations.

The choice of which tax refund card (in part) depends on how you will be filing your return. Will you be doing it? Will you be using tax preparation software to do it? Will you be hiring a tax professional to do it? Below, we have a few recommendations of cards for each of these situations.

Cards Designed as Tax Refund Cards

Some cards are specifically meant to be issued as tax refund cads. These cards can be used just like a normal prepaid debit card, but certain features make them well suited for use in receiving your tax refund quickly. Here are two we like.

The TurboTax Card

TurboTax Tax Refund CardThe TurboTax Tax Refund Visa® Card is one of our favorite tax refund cards. One reason we like it is because the issuance of the card is nicely integrated (and documented) in the TurboTax tax preparation software that millions of Americans use each year. Read more about the TurboTax Tax Refund Visa Card.

The H&R Block Emerald Card

H&R Block Emerald MasterCardDo you use H&R Block tax preparation specialists to prepare your tax return? If so, you may want to ask about the H&R Block prepaid debit tax refund card. Using the card to receive your tax refund may be a good idea (particularly if you don’t have a bank account). Learn more about the H&R Block Emerald MasterCard.

Regular Prepaid Cards

Why not use your existing prepaid debit card to receive your tax refund? If you currently have a prepaid debit card, check with your provider, and find out what account information you need to provide on your tax form so that you can receive your tax refund directly onto your current card.

If you don’t have a card, and don’t want to use either of the cards listed above, we recommend applying for one of the following prepaid cards. The reason we recommend these cards is simple: they are relatively highly ranked in our prepaid card rankings, and they have taken steps to make it easier for you to use their cards as tax refund cards.

The RushCard Cards

RushCard is currently running a promotion (for accounts opened prior to April 15, 2010 and which are used to receive tax refunds) where RushCard is waiving their activation fee for the Purple Diamond line of RushCards. Read more about the Purple Diamond RushCard here.

The READYDebit Card

READYDebit is also making it easy to use their cards as tax refund cards. In particular, they have partnered with eSmartTax (an online tax software service) to make it easy for you to use a READYDebit card for your tax refund. Read more about the READYDebit Card here.

The Wired Plastic Prepaid Visa Card

The folks at Wired Plastic are running a promotion for people who use the Wired Plastic debit card as a tax refund card. It’s easy to enter the sweepstakes. Simply load your Federal tax refund on your Wired Plastic™ card account and you will automatically be entered to win the same amount as your Federal tax refund. No purchase necessary. (make sure to read the terms and conditions to get all the details). Read more about the Wired Plastic Visa card here.

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