Cards for Independent Tax Preparation Services

Attention independent tax preparation services – Would you like to provide low-cost prepaid cards as a value added service to your clients? Do you deal with clients who are unbanked but who would benefit from getting their tax refund directly deposited into a prepaid debit card account? Here are two tax refund cards that you may want to consider (both are designed for use by independent tax preparation services).

The Get It MasterCard®

The Get It MasterCard® is offered by ADVENT Financial.

Get It Tax Refund CardThe Get It card is the first step toward financial freedom, offering cardholders an opportunity to have access to a year round banking account and empowers them to better manage their money and payments – we’ve even included a form to sign up for free payroll deposit through the cardholder’s employer. Prior bank history is not an issue with the Get It card; there’s no minimum balance required, no monthly service fees charged and overdraft protection is included.

To provide Get It cards to your customers, please contact ADVENT Financial. ADVENT provides hard-working families and individuals access to affordable, permanent FDIC-insured banking accounts, using prepaid card technology to keep costs low.

Tax time represents the single largest deposit transaction for many working families. With a focus this year on improving the tax time options for under-banked clients, ADVENT has launched the Get It Prepaid MasterCard®, enabling direct deposit of refunds, yet designed with a cost structure to encourage ongoing deposits and long-term banking relationships. The tax refund and a valid SSN or ITIN is all that is required to open a Get It account. For information about how to provide the Get It card to your customers, contact Denise Sposato, ADVENT Financial at (816)569-1840.

The Green1040 Card

Green 1040 tax refund cardIndependent tax preparers can also use the prepaid Visa® cards provided by The Green1040 Prepaid Visa® card is distributed by tax preparers to their customers who want to receive federal or state tax refunds via direct deposit and do not have a bank account or do not want to use their existing bank account to receive their tax refunds. Green1040 cards come with pseudo bank account and routing numbers enabling them to receive funds by direct deposit from the IRS. The Green1040 card can also be used as a payroll card.

Tax preparation is a highly competitive industry. In order to compete with the national chains who offer prepaid cards, tax preparers of all sizes need to offer a way for unbanked customers to receive their refunds via direct deposit. Green1040 offers all tax preparers, regardless of the size of their business, to easily and economically provide prepaid cards to their tax preparation customers.

The Green1040 card is distributed through tax preparers as a value added service for their customers.

Tax preparers can sign up at and begin distributing cards within a few days. Once tax preparers are registered they are able to securely login into Green1040 web-based system and enroll tax preparation clients. The Green1040 system has been designed with the flexibility to enable tax preparers to either hand cards to customers on the spot or have cards delivered by Green1040 directly to individual customers.

Green1040 cards can receive funds by direct deposit as soon as they are registered to the cardholder by the tax preparer.

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