BillMyParents Reloadable Spend Smart MasterCard

Whether you’re a teenager looking for some financial independence and responsibility, or a parent wanting security, flexibility and peace of mind, the BillMyParents Teen MasterCard could be the card for you! Teen’s can’t spend more than their prepaid balance. It’s simple: parents just load the card, teens do the shopping and BOTH track the spending with text and email alerts! The card has fantastic features needed to help create good financial management skills and its fees are some of the lowest in the industry!

BillMyParents Reloadable Prepaid MasterCard

Discover Prepaid Teen CardThe BillMyParents Reloadable MasterCard gives teens the ability to make retail or online purchases, get cash and build their budgeting skills, while letting parents unobtrusively track and manage their child’s spending activities. Your teen can’t spend more than the prepaid balance. It’s simple, you just load the card, they do the shopping and you BOTH track the spending! And with the security and flexibility of the MasterCard network, your teen can spend almost anywhere. And the fees are some of the lowest in the industry!

Take a look at some of the features and benefits offered by the BillMyParents reloadable prepaid MasterCard:

  • Get your teen started on the path to smart spending today.
  • Easily set strict spending limits.
  • Lock/Unlock Your Teen’s Card with a Simple Text
  • Monitor Purchase Alerts in Real-Time on Your Mobile Phone
  • Family or Friends Can Reload Funds
  • No Credit Risks or Overdraft Fees
  • Safer than cash with lost card protection
  • Use anywhere debit MasterCard is accepted.

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