MYPLASH Visa Prepaid Cards

Here’s the deal: MYPLASH™ prepaid cards are just plain cool. MYPLASH is taking a different approach to prepaid cards – they are making cards that are fun and that let you express yourself. The cards come in dozens of great styles which feature the hottest music artists, athletes and brands. But MYPLASH’s approach doesn’t stop there – they’ve also packed the cards with tons of useful financial features and great rates. Any teen or parent considering a prepaid card has to consider the MYPLASH line of cards.

MYPLASH™ Prepaid Visa Cards

myplash-plainwhitets-teencardMYPLASH™ is the prepaid debit card that connects you to your money and to your favorite music artists, athletes and brands. And MYPLASH is the only card that gives you access to tons of great exclusive offers and discounts at THE MYPLASH MALL.

Use your MYPLASH card anytime, anywhere Visa® debit is accepted, including online and retail. With MYPLASH you won’t have to carry around a wad of cash or, worse yet, any pesky coins. But if you do need some cash, just go to any ATM. Find the nearest ATM here.

You can also load funds onto a friend’s MYPLASH card. Use a BUDDY MONEY™ TRANSFER to make sure a friend has enough on his/her card to buy you that extra concert ticket!

MYPLASH let’s you easily monitor your card account balance online or by phone. You can also get your account information sent to your mobile with free MYPLASH™ TEXT ALERTS to your phone.

Reloading your MYPLASH card is easy, so you’ll always have the funds you need. Your parents can reload MYPLASH at thousands of retailers and online via direct deposit or by using their credit card.

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  • It appears that MyPlash is no longer operating. The website is down, apparently since some time in 2014. Wayback ( has a capture of MyPlash from May 2014

    According to that page (and earlier captures): “MYPLASH™ Prepaid MasterCard® card is issued by Sunrise Banks National Association, St. Paul, MN 55103”. I don’t know if Sunrize has (had) any ownership in MyPlash, or any other connection to them, other than that they seem to have been the card issuer for MyPlash.

    Kevin 4 years ago

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