An Answer to the Question: Can I Sue Over this issue?

I was looking through some old posts and found this question. I thought it was a good one so I wanted to post an answer here. The question comes from ‘Jdm Shawn’:

okay i have had virgin mobile for over 6months with no problem until now during that six month period i lost my job. So i called Virgin mobile and asked ” Can My Credit Card be removed off my account i will top up threw a prepaid card” the rep said yes and confirmed it was removed. so i now have been topping up for about three months now. one month i did not top up and my phone was out of service (cut Off) it was cut off on the 1st of the month. Virgin Mobile charged my credit card on the 12th of the month without my permission or anything. This withdraw overdrafted my account. i called virgin mobile plenty of time i always get the run around then one time i called i stated that ” my credit was charged with out my permission and i need my money and overdraft fees” the lady then went and turn my phone on and withdrawed from my account AGAIN which now creates more overdraft fee. nowhere in that sentence does it say i wanted my phone turn back on. She refunded the money but not the overdraft fee which is alot.i was told to contact Virgin Mobile Headquarters and i was unsuccessful i also emailed them and heard nothing back its been alittle over a month and my bank is threathening to take this in collection agnecy and add this too my credit report for something virgin mobile did. when my credit card was suppose to be removed from their system actually twice can i seek Legal if so who do i talk too

Answer: You can’t even string a proper sentence together, let alone sue anyone for anything.Virgin has NOTHING to do with overdraft fees. Your bank charges those and they will NOT refund them. Bottom line is you spent money you didn’t have. Actions have consequences.

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