My Answer To The Question – Sony Ericsson C902 Help?

I thought I’d post this question from just sittin’ here since a lot of people seem to be asking it lately:

I need your help with my new phone!when i go “Organizer>File Manager>On Memory Card”, it says there is no memory card inserted but there is?just got this phone today on T Mobile, the woman in the shop topped it up when i got it, it reconises the 20 credit but it says theres no MC?

Answer: Hi Kathhh there could be a couple of reasons to why the memory card is not being shown no.1 is the memory card the correct 1 for the phone ? or no.2 the memory card needs to be formatted to the phone so that the phone recognises the memory card ! but if you have items on the memory card & you format the memory card you will lose all the content ! the reason the it recognises the credit is because all that sort of info is stored on the sim card … hope this has been of some use

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