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About RegaloCard

RegaloCard is a mobile payments company that has developed a free and instant replacement to money transfer services. RegaloCard uses a “micro money transfer” process which allows consumers to send money to specific users as little as $5 instantly and for free, while earning up to five times the per-transaction margin of traditional money transfer companies. RegaloCard’s market focus is directed at the Hispanic community in the U.S. that would like to instantly send money to relatives out of the country. The brainchild of the RegaloCard is Gregory Keough, an accomplished entrepreneur who has developed and sold several financial services technology companies serving the Latino markets in the U.S.

How the RegaloCard Works

Simplicity, speed and ease of use are key elements of the RegaloCard. After selecting a leading brand gift card for relatives in a foreign country (say Mexico), Regalo customoer then provide the recipient’s name and mobile phone number. Instantly, the family member in Mexico will receive a Regalo PIN number that they can use to purchase goods and services there. All mobile devices and services are compatible with the RegaloCard 24/7/365. With the RegaloCard, the need for banks is no longer a necessity, even in other countries.

Benefits of the RegaloCard

Receiving a Regalo PIN and then using the new gift card for retail purchases in another country is relatively instantaneous and there is no longer the need to wait in line or wait for a bank to open to receive money from the U.S. The transactional service for using RegaloCard can be as low as 99 cents. The smallest sum that can be sent is $5. The family member sending the funds chooses the retailer where the RegaloCard PN is redeemed. The Regalo product is available through the best known and trusted retail brands from each immigrants home country. The RegaloCard is like spending cash, but secure with several authentication checks.

About RegaloCard
Stock Symbol: Privately Held
Corporate Headquarters: Boca Raton Florida (USA)
Address: RegaloCard
750 Park of Commerce Blvd. Suite 300
Boca Raton, Florida 33487-3612

RegaloCard Debit Cards

RegaloCard Corporate Overview
RegaloCard WebsiteRegaloCard is a prepaid gift card for leading Latin American retailers purchased in the United States and delivered instantly to the recipient in the immigrant’s home country. The RegaloCard service works with any mobile phone and carrier worldwide and is as simple to use as a prepaid calling card.
Recent RegaloCard News Items
  • RegaloCard Expands Quickly in First Market

    RegaloCard, a money transfer company that uses a unique combination of prepaid cards to allow users to send funds to recipients in Latin America, announced that they have more Agents in El Salvador than Western Union.

  • RegaloCard Secures $7M To Launch its Prepaid Gift Card System

    RegaloCard, a mobile payments company based in Florida, announced that it has closed a $7 Million round of financing from Dublin Ventures and Kinsail Corporation. The company offers a prepaid gift card that is a free an instant alternative to money transfer services.

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