AccountNow Prepaid MasterCard with (No Direct Deposit)

The AccountNow Prepaid MasterCard comes in several options. The option reviewed here is the version which does not require that you use direct deposit. Although we typically recommend using direct deposit (where appropriate), we understand that there are situations where you just want a shopping card or want to use a card for “lighter” use than as your primary banking account. The AccountNow MasterCard without direct deposit may fit your needs.

Review of the AccountNow Prepaid MasterCard with (No Direct Deposit)

AccountNow Prepaid MasterCard with (No Direct Deposit)

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: the folks at AccountNow understand banking, and they’ve created the a “bank account you carry in your wallet”. And best of all, they are offering 100% approval rates! That’s right, even if you are on ChexSystems’ list, and even if you have terrible credit, you can qualify for the AccountNow Debit MasterCard in seconds. Enrollment is simple, instant and guaranteed. There is no paperwork or lines, no security deposit, and one simple enrollment form. You can be banking again in seconds.

  • Instant Guaranteed Approval* – no credit check, no security deposit
  • $0 ACTIVATION FEE – when you load your card by direct deposit
  • Free Direct Deposit – no more check cashing fees (check out our review of the AccountNow MasterCard with Direct Deposit)
  • No Overdraft Fees – no minimum balance required
  • Reloadable – $10,000 balance limit.

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  • I am interested in 2 of the products here and when I click the links I get the 404 error message. IS THIS SITE STILL MAINTAINED? If so, how can I apply for ACCOUNT NOW PPD MC (NO DIRECT DEP) as well as ONLY 1 PPD VISA (NO DIRECT DEPOSIT?

    I need to get accounts open and ready to go ASAP.

    LUCINDA BURGESS 3 years ago

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