nFinanSe Prepaid Debit Visa Card

The nFinanSe prepaid Visa is issued by nFinanSe, Inc., a leading relodable prepaid debit card provider. nFinanSe also offers a prepaid nFinanSe Discover card. The nFinanSe Visa card has some of the lowest fees on the market, and nFinanSe has continued to push the envelope with its aggressive low prices.

Review of the nFinanSe Prepaid Debit Visa Card

nFinanSe Prepaid Debit Visa Card

nFinanSe is a market leader in low pricing for their prepaid cards. For example, they recently announced that “Fees for ATM withdrawals and electronic bill payments through Reloadable Prepaid Cards have simply been too high and too confusing” and that they intend to eliminate the confusion, and provide low fees. It seems that they have done it, as nFinanSe offers some of the best rates in the industry.

Here are several of the features of the nFinanSe prepaid Visa card:

  • FREE nFinanSe Visa® Debit Card and Free $5.00 Deposit*
  • 100% Guaranteed Approval**
  • No Credit Check, No Security Deposit and No Minimum Balance
  • No Overdraft Fees and No Interest Charges
  • Sign Up for FREE Direct Deposit and a Bonus $7.77 Deposit*
  • FREE Unlimited PIN and Signature Transactions
  • Reloadable – $5,000 Maximum Balance
  • FREE Email and Text Message Alerts
  • FREE 24/7 Live Customer Service and Online Access
  • Get Cash at ATMs Nationwide
  • Add money at over 80,000 nationwide locations
  • Shop and Pay Bills Online
  • FREE ACH Bill Pay Service
  • Visa® Zero Fraud Liability Protection*
  • Free Music Downloads at
    * See website for restrictions
    ** Subject to ID verification
  • Get the nFinanSe Prepaid Debit Visa Card Right Now!
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  • I need to know
    1. Can I purchase this card at Dollar General Store, Wayne Nebraska?
    2. Does this card have an annual or monthly fee?
    3. Is there a minimum amount that MUST be loaded monthly?
    4. Is there a required number of purchases monthly?

    I need a card that is low cost to purchase, no fees, and is loadable at Dollar General Store.

    Kay Inman 5 years ago

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